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AIRED: 06-10-2018

– Arizona ‘Child Trafficking Camp’ Report
– Chelsea Clinton & the Church of Satan Tweets
– KILLER NUNS in Scotland & Ireland fled with MILLION$$
– John Paul Getty RIDLEY SCOTT movie & oil money
– Bizarre creatures caught on camera
– BIGFOOT update with BRENT Brent Thomas
– How to make $1,000 in 3 weeks with BitCoin
– Tips on new Digital Coins
– Live Broadcast kicks off 3pm NYC, Noon Los Angeles, 8pm London
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BARRY DUNFORD is the author of the HOLY LAND OF SCOTLAND and he discusses the mysterious landing of a plane in Scotland in 1941 in which Rudolf Hess attempted to negotiate peace with the Duke of Hamilton and Duke of Kent. Chris Everard also discusses the love affair between Hitlr and Hess and their common...

AIRED: 08-05-2018

In this show, Chris examines the strange phenomenon of AURAS and how people’s illnesses can be diagnosed according to the colour of their aura. Chris is joined by Scott Bourne, Scottie Lopex, Andy Eversole and paranromal researcher and all-round rennaissance man Rodney Scarth for a fast moving show in which we investigate the Tibetan Book...

AIRED: 07-29-2018

CHRIS EVERARD hosts a debate with questions from the audience for DAVE MURPHY – you can listen and decide whether the answers are based on FACTS and whether the ‘facts’ are actually CORRECT – many claims are made by Dave – which are examined live on air. Just because NASA lied about the Moon Landings...

AIRED: 07-08-2018

How do you boost your confidence in front of a live audience? How can you get more confidence for playing competitive sport? How can you break addiction? How can you go under surgery without pain-killers? The answer is HYPNO-THERAPY – this is a special show where British hypnotist ROD SCARTH does a live on-air demonstration...

AIRED: 06-24-2018

33rd degree Freemason and Grand Master, Mr LEO ZAGAMI, joins CHRIS EVERARD live from ROME for a report about how the entire Italian parliament has been taken over by the TRUTH MOVEMENT – yes, today they take full control of the Parliament in ITALY. It’s PROOF that campaigning, activism & SHARING POSTS awakens MILLIONS of...

AIRED: 06-03-2018

DUNCAN CAMPBELL and ROD SCARTH join Chris to investigate the sick world of the sex crime syndicates – some of whom masquerade as PAGANS – we examine and investigate the famous HAMPSTEAD whistleblower children and look behind the scenes of the Pizzagate scandal and how many YouTubers were DELETED and were demonetised by YouTube for...

AIRED: 05-27-2018