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AIRED: 03-14-2017

Mark gets the phones working, reads emails, and takes calls on several interesting FE topics, like the ICBM weapons system problems, dealing with global family members, and the first rule of Flat club! Haven’t researched Flat Earth yet? Why not?

website: enclosedworld.com

website: enclosedworld.com

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Elon Musk, in the same week, said he’s going to send a small bus load of Japanese to the moon in 2023, but that we should colonize space soon in case the world ends, for some strange reason. We talk about that and much more as the phone lines light up and we go wall...

AIRED: 09-18-2018

Flat Earth talks 9-11, and what it means to people on this 17th anniversary. Flat Earthers all over are coming out of the closet and into the meetups and hangouts. Will you be one of them? Look for meetups in your state, and think about the conference in Denver this November! ...

AIRED: 09-11-2018

In case you missed it, there was a leak on the ISS, and an astronaut plugged it, with his finger. Then Chris Hatfield posted a 10 year picture of it, then the Russians claimed it was sabotage. This is not bad Hollywood writing, this is today’s space headlines. The Flat Earth addresses all of them,...

AIRED: 09-04-2018

Wall to wall Flat Earth calls this evening. People from Australia, Canada, and the US chime in on their strong Flat Earth beliefs! Where will you be when the earth changes? Join the Flat Earth Army, where everyone is open minded, and there are no limits! ...

AIRED: 08-28-2018

Recently Google tore down the YouTube scoreboard to curb the Flat Earth enthusiasm. Yesterday, they added a special filter into the sort by date function regarding news. Anything with Flat and Earth becomes invisible! At the top of the second hour we speak with Jeffrey Grupp from Zeteticism DotCom. He just challenged Kent Hovind to...

AIRED: 08-21-2018

Mark comes back from the FE Canadian conference in Edmonton Canada. What a great time! Lots of fantastic Flat Earth members, media, and speakers! After that they went to Calgary and hung out over the weekend. Please check out YouTube for all the fun clips! The phone lines during the show were problematic, so Mark...

AIRED: 08-14-2018