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AIRED: 02-14-2017

It’s official, the date has been set. November 9-10 in Raleigh North Carolina, the first International Flat Earth conference in 500 years! The lineup is amazing! Check out for all the latest details!



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Mark comes back from the FE Canadian conference in Edmonton Canada. What a great time! Lots of fantastic Flat Earth members, media, and speakers! After that they went to Calgary and hung out over the weekend. Please check out YouTube for all the fun clips! The phone lines during the show were problematic, so Mark...

AIRED: 08-14-2018

How does the authority respond when Flat Earth is the hottest, most interesting topic on the internet today? How do they react when we post ever increasing numbers that rival most mainstream media? They tear down the scoreboard. The YouTube search results have been removed for every topic. My apologies for everyone else who wanted...

AIRED: 07-31-2018

Jack is a AutoCAD tech of Civil, Stormwater, and Wastewater since 2004. He’s worked on many designs of large plats of land for subdivision neighborhoods as well as miles of DOT highways, most of which was in very flat Florida. Find out what he knows, and what the callers think! ...

AIRED: 07-24-2018

Mark reads a statement from US Army 19 Delta scout who states that all his experience with projectiles and ranging show there is no use of the Coriolis effect or curvature of the Earth. Many have come forward so far from all branches of the military and private sector. Who will be next? ...

AIRED: 07-17-2018

Mark & the Flat Earth community get ready for more Summer meetups, the FE conference in Canada, and the US national conference in Denver. The momentum is terminal, and will not be stopped! Are you ready for the world change? Have you done your research, and are you asking questions? ...

AIRED: 07-10-2018

Flat Earth Clues 14 called the Coat of Credibility is being released tomorrow on YT. For the occasion, Mark reads an article called The cult of the white lab coat, and takes all sorts of calls from the Flat Earth faithful. Not a member yet? Why not? Flat Earth is the new hotness, with no...

AIRED: 07-03-2018