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AIRED: 02-14-2017

It’s official, the date has been set. November 9-10 in Raleigh North Carolina, the first International Flat Earth conference in 500 years! The lineup is amazing! Check out for all the latest details!



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Mark reconnects with Ray Goodwin, a career surveyor of over 27 years with the USDA. He was first interviewed in episode 50, after first realizing that the world was flat. What does he think now? It’s even more flat, and he has additional proofs to back that up! He also takes your phone calls. ...

AIRED: 05-22-2018

The first US Flat Earth documentary has arrived and made it’s debut at the Toronto Hot Docs film festival. I was there to see it over the weekend and I give my report. Will it bring in more FE recruits? Probably. Will it be the most controversial video in the FE library. Yes! If you...

AIRED: 05-08-2018

The Flat Earth US documentary behind the curve is here and will be shown April 30 at the Toronto Hot Docs film festival! Mark will be attending and reviewing in an upcoming show! Also, sadly, he turned 50 today. Seriously. Lots of calls wishing him the best. Not into Flat Earth yet? There’s still time!...

AIRED: 04-24-2018

The Flat Earth theory has seen more stat activity in the last month than ever before. Science bears this out with numerous articles about Americans questioning the globe. Have we finally reached the tipping point? Will the documentary being released this month take Flat Earth into the next level? I think so, and put those...

AIRED: 04-17-2018

Mark has the silky voiced FE veteran and FEcore member Karen B from youtube answering questions and taking calls! We go over Flat Earth, firearms, movies, music, and of course sex! Seriously though we do delve into it for a little bit. What insights does she have on the current state of FE? Tune in...

AIRED: 04-10-2018

Hot off the press, science announced today that in a poll conducted by their research team, it appears that Flat Earth is winning. The numbers are in, and they are staggering, especially with younger people. Up to 34 percent don’t believe the globe. Mark reads this article and others, speaks with Trevor Purvis and takes...

AIRED: 04-03-2018