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AIRED: 12-13-2016

As the year starts to wind down, Mark takes more calls from a diverse Flat Earth age group, and answers emails from the great FE community. Join the fight, change the world!

website: enclosedworld.com

website: enclosedworld.com

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Flat Earth was showcased on the 40th anniversary of CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley. Patricia Steere did an amazing interview, and even though a scientist was brought in for reference, the FE community was not ridiculed, but instead feared. Will we bring down civilization as we know it? Stay tuned. ...

AIRED: 10-16-2018

Every week I hear someone defend the governments of the world like they are saints. Governments are made up mostly of men, and men lie, a lot. Mark reads a story about a recent lie told by the FBI as they helped some treasure hunters find civil war gold. When they just about ready to...

AIRED: 10-09-2018

NBA star Kyrie Irving during a Forbes interview was quoted as saying that he was sorry for all the grief he’s caused science teachers in the US. We talk about that, Elon Musk, NASA, and a host of other Flat Earth enemies. FE is taking over media. Join us, or get out of our way!...

AIRED: 10-02-2018

The first mainstream Flat Earth documentary is called Behind the Curve. It had it’s US premiere in Los Angeles this last weekend, and the FE faithful hated it! Was it honest, yes. Was it fair, yes. Will it generate a lot more members by being a trojan horse movie? You bet. The distributor has been...

AIRED: 09-25-2018

Elon Musk, in the same week, said he’s going to send a small bus load of Japanese to the moon in 2023, but that we should colonize space soon in case the world ends, for some strange reason. We talk about that and much more as the phone lines light up and we go wall...

AIRED: 09-18-2018

Flat Earth talks 9-11, and what it means to people on this 17th anniversary. Flat Earthers all over are coming out of the closet and into the meetups and hangouts. Will you be one of them? Look for meetups in your state, and think about the conference in Denver this November! ...

AIRED: 09-11-2018