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AIRED: 12-13-2016

As the year starts to wind down, Mark takes more calls from a diverse Flat Earth age group, and answers emails from the great FE community. Join the fight, change the world!

website: enclosedworld.com

website: enclosedworld.com

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The Flat Earth army has been building since 2015, and now sits on the cusp of top tier mainstream. What will it take to push it to the next level? We talk with FE chapter members from across the US and talk about upcoming plans and events! Take part, join the FE army, save the...

AIRED: 06-19-2018

Mark spent the weekend in Los Angeles with FE members, celebrities, and a skeptic group at the Salton Sea, trying to prove that there was curvature. What did they find out? We brought on a dedicated FE member who was on both sides of the sea, and he’ll give it to you first hand! ...

AIRED: 06-12-2018

Faster than expected, the Flat Earth topic in youtube (sorted by upload date) climbed to 20.8 million, which currently is identical to President Trumps numbers! What does that mean? I don’t really know, uncharted territory here, but I can tell you it’s picking up speed in 2018. GQ magazine, The New Yorker, and National Geographic...

AIRED: 06-05-2018

The Flat Earth trend has now caught up with Donald Trump. Top tier mainstream is next. What does this mean for the Flat Earth community? We take calls and find out your opinion. Aren’t into FE yet? Where have you been? The war against mainstream science has raged for three years. Get involved now, it’s...

AIRED: 05-29-2018

Mark reconnects with Ray Goodwin, a career surveyor of over 27 years with the USDA. He was first interviewed in episode 50, after first realizing that the world was flat. What does he think now? It’s even more flat, and he has additional proofs to back that up! He also takes your phone calls. ...

AIRED: 05-22-2018

The first US Flat Earth documentary has arrived and made it’s debut at the Toronto Hot Docs film festival. I was there to see it over the weekend and I give my report. Will it bring in more FE recruits? Probably. Will it be the most controversial video in the FE library. Yes! If you...

AIRED: 05-08-2018