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AIRED: 05-03-2016

Mark reads letters from Flat Earth followers around the plane. Do they have insight into the mystery that is our world? Tune in and find out!

website: enclosedworld.com

website: enclosedworld.com

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Mark brings on Rolan Reddy, the Redneck Rocket Scientist! Rolan is currently a globalist, and does not believe in the Flat Earth community, but he is interested in the concept. We hear his backstory, and take callers who inquire about the man, the mystery, and his journey. Come along with us won’t you, and see...

AIRED: 08-15-2017

Mark talks with Zack Yankush, BMX fiend that followed his dream and turned his passion into reality! Now he’s a Flat Earther. Does this mean that he’s been shunned by his friends and coworkers? Not today! Still, it can’t be easy. We follow his story of how he went down the FE rabbit hole, and...

AIRED: 08-01-2017

The first total eclipse to cross the US in 99 years is coming August 21, 2017. Where will you be? On the 100 percent line, or somewhere near it? This also may be the only time that the eclipse will be viewed from literally everywhere in the country! What does this have to do with...

AIRED: 07-25-2017

Mark Sargent has been crowned the Father of Flat Earth, according to the Denver Post. How is this possible? Is he some sort of prophet? Can he see the future that unfolds before him? Does he need a large compound and thousands of followers which eventually corrupt him with power, leading to the inevitable showdown...

AIRED: 07-18-2017

The mainstream forces have hit the beach! The Denver Post ran a front page story on the Flat Earth this last Friday, and by Monday, a media frenzy had started. Members of the community have been contacted by HBO, CNN, ABC, Al Jazeera, and more! Is this the beginning of Flat Earth critical mass that...

AIRED: 07-11-2017

Is Mark the only one doing a live show on the night of July 4th? Quite possibly. Does he miss the days when he used to blow up the beaches of the Northwest with his illegal fireworks shows? Of course. Will he go against the wishes of the ATF and do another show soon? Probably...

AIRED: 07-04-2017