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AIRED: 05-03-2016

Mark reads letters from Flat Earth followers around the plane. Do they have insight into the mystery that is our world? Tune in and find out!

website: enclosedworld.com

website: enclosedworld.com

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Mark is back from his eventful trip to Houston Texas, visiting Patricia Steere and haunting the NASA space center! We play catch up with long time and first time callers, spreading the good Flat Earth word. Are you into FE yet? Well you should be. It’s the truth, the way, and well, you know the...

AIRED: 09-19-2017

Mark takes calls from the great Strange World listeners, both domestic and foreign. Can you feel the Flat Earth love coming through the phone lines? I can. The community grows stronger every day, with meetups and conferences. Why aren’t you a part of it yet? Because you still think we’re on a rocky ball flying...

AIRED: 09-05-2017

DITRH and Mike Helmick join Mark and take a closer look at the great American eclipse, one week later. How has the eclipse affected the Flat Earth community? What has high definition photography done to change how we look at it? What was recently discovered? I’ll give you a hint. There was no moon. It...

AIRED: 08-29-2017

Mark spent the last three days in the eclipse blackout zone of Salem Oregon! What did he discover? What new things will be revealed from this eclipse? How does it compare with all the FE community callers who reported from around the country? You should tune in and find out! Thanks to everyone for making...

AIRED: 08-22-2017

Mark brings on Rolan Reddy, the Redneck Rocket Scientist! Rolan is currently a globalist, and does not believe in the Flat Earth community, but he is interested in the concept. We hear his backstory, and take callers who inquire about the man, the mystery, and his journey. Come along with us won’t you, and see...

AIRED: 08-15-2017

Mark talks with Zack Yankush, BMX fiend that followed his dream and turned his passion into reality! Now he’s a Flat Earther. Does this mean that he’s been shunned by his friends and coworkers? Not today! Still, it can’t be easy. We follow his story of how he went down the FE rabbit hole, and...

AIRED: 08-01-2017