Interview with Rob Skiba about his Flat Earth journey >>


AIRED: 09-12-2015

Mark and Johnathan interview Rob Skiba about Flat Earth and other fun things. Rob is part of the TFR network, a strong Christian, and a great guy.




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It’s another Flat Earth subject matter expert! This time we have the pleasure of speaking with John McGlone. John is a retired Navy Chief QMC who has served in almost every major body of water using five different classes of warship. What insights does he have regarding the curvature of the earth? Tune into find...

AIRED: 02-20-2018

Mark speaks with Ron Windle, United States Army air traffic controller. He set up and monitored flight paths and runways all over the world, and he goes on the record to say that every mathematical calculation they used applied to a FLAT EARTH. Ron goes into detail about everything regarding military flight management and takes...

AIRED: 02-13-2018

Space X rewrote the science books by landing it’s own boosters back on the ground, all while sending a red convertible into space, with a prop astronaut in the drivers seat. I couldn’t make that up if I tried. They filmed the whole thing of course, and the Flat Earth community is breaking it down....

AIRED: 02-06-2018

The phone lines are now open for business in Flat Earth, so bring on the love! Mark takes calls from around the US! What new insights does the community have to bring to the table? Space X, Elon Musk, NASA, and everything that is fake space! Mark announces his first personal appearance for 2018 in...

AIRED: 01-23-2018

Next week Mark will be taking calls, but this time around, he covers Flat Earth news and reads emails from the great and unstoppable FE community! Can the Flat Earth machine be stopped, or will it continue to steam roll the media with it’s awesome power! Google Flat Earth Clues now, and start your journey....

AIRED: 01-16-2018

Flat Earth isn’t just a theory, it’s a new way of living your life. It’s the fear killer, the discrimination killer, the hate killer. It doesn’t see color, or race, or gender. Listen to the emails coming in from new recruits, and see what Flat Earth can do for you! Long live Flat Earth! ...

AIRED: 01-09-2018