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AIRED: 05-09-2015

Mark and Johnathan go down the checklist of survival supplies you may or may not need during any type of “End of the World” scenario. For the free PDF list, please email Mark at [email protected] File size is small at 2 meg. Haven’t looked into Flat Earth yet? You should. Google Flat Earth Clues, see what happens.

There was a storm in Colorado during this show, which played havoc not only with the power, but also the bandwidth, so there were several instances where not only Johnathan dropped off of Skype, but I did as well, so please keep that in mind.

website: enclosedworld.com

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Next week Mark will be taking calls, but this time around, he covers Flat Earth news and reads emails from the great and unstoppable FE community! Can the Flat Earth machine be stopped, or will it continue to steam roll the media with it’s awesome power! Google Flat Earth Clues now, and start your journey....

AIRED: 01-16-2018

Flat Earth isn’t just a theory, it’s a new way of living your life. It’s the fear killer, the discrimination killer, the hate killer. It doesn’t see color, or race, or gender. Listen to the emails coming in from new recruits, and see what Flat Earth can do for you! Long live Flat Earth! ...

AIRED: 01-09-2018

2018 is now upon us, and the Flat Earth community appears to be reaching critical mass! Will this year be the dawning of a new age, or will the dark forces strike back? Mark reads plenty of FE listener emails to see if he can find out! Still not into Flat Earth yet? Get out...

AIRED: 01-02-2018

It’s the day after Christmas in the US, and Mark has a bunch more Flat Earth letters he has to go through, after a long run of sliding down chimneys and handing out presents consisting mostly of broken globes. Flat Earth is still the new hotness, and just gets bigger every day! Why aren’t you...

AIRED: 12-26-2017

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the plane, Mark’s tech issues were driving him insane. No more rhymes, promise. The Flat Earth emails keep pouring in, and Mark takes time to read out and acknowledge as many as he can! Still haven’t looked into FE yet? You should, there’s still time left in...

AIRED: 12-19-2017

Mark has replaced the scientific challenges of the past with one of his own and declares war against mainstream science. Until otherwise noted, he will only be doing subject matter experts and emails going forward. Join the Flat Earth Army, and fight along side us! Haven’t looked into Flat Earth yet? Where have you been!...

AIRED: 12-05-2017