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AIRED: 08-09-2013

Steve McManus of the Illuminati Network and host of Forbidden America fills in for Chris and Sheree. His guest is Maitreya Miranda

About Maitreya Miranda*

Miranda* was born by her Norwegian mother and Hungarian father in Leeds, England 8.8.1965. Her international background includes growing up in USA, Germany and Norway, and living and travelling in many other countries as an adult. In 1996 a reincarnation process was initiated, resulting in her second birth, 11.11.2000. Miranda* knows herself to be Maitreya, a highly enlightened Pleiadian/Venusian avatar, here to assist humanity in its transformation and ascension process. Her predestined mission is to act as the unifying bridge within humanity, and the intermediary between humanity and its extra-terrestrial family. Miranda* has a special gift for using her mind and multisensory awareness in a unique way, giving her the clarity to see people and events non-judgmentally and as they truly are. Her perspective is universal and not tied to any one religion, while at the same time she recognizes the Light and Love in them all. Miranda*s deepest passion is to connect with all beings, and share love, joy, peace, spiritual liberation and enlightenment with all who so wish. She has written a children’s philosophical book, “The Game of Life”, poetry and many spiritual articles published in magazines in Norway and abroad. Miranda* is currently living in Avalon, England. She has a daughter and a son.

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