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AIRED: 05-20-2010

Special guests:  Jodie EmeryMason Tvert of SAFER , and  Gatewood Galbraith

Special “Joint” host: Casper of Time 4 Hemp

Marc Emery, also known as the “Prince Of Pot” is one of Canada’s most upstanding citizens. He has made millions with his completely transparent marijuana seed company – Marc Emery Direct. He is the founder of  Cannabis Culture Magazine, the founding member of Canada’s Green Party, BC Marijuana Book Store and  Proprietor of Pot TV. But that is not what makes Marc stand out the most. Marc has not only paid over half a million dollars in income tax to the Canadian government but he has contributed virtually EVERY SINGLE PENNY of his profits to the legalization of marijuana worldwide.

In 2005, the American DEA (under the Bush administration)  in conjunction with Canadian police raided Marc Emery’s seed company and charged him under United States Law despite the fact Marc has never physically conducted business in the United States and had all but the written support of the Canadian Government.  At 51 years old Mark was faced with a decision to either risk 35 years in prison or plea bargain a five year deal for a crime punishable by a $200 fine under Canadian law.

Despite the popular will of the people, the conservative Canadian government signed the extradition order to send their own citizen across imaginary lines to face a foreign court. The extradition order boasted this would be a “huge blow against the marijuana legalization movement”.

This case was purely politically motivated and a perfect example of a failing drug war. Despite the will of the people and the decriminalization of marijuana under Canadian law, the DEA has made it clear they will continue to protect the Mexican drug cartels and condone the  murder, rape and kidnapping American and Mexican citizens alike commited by marijuana smugglers. It’s clear, time and time again, why they call themselves the “Drug Enforcement Agency” and not the “Prohibition Enforcement Agency”.

Fact: half of all Americans have admitted to smoking pot, including President Obama.

75 Things you can do to free Marc Emery

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