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AIRED: 09-30-2017

This was the 3rd episode of the Eye of Ra and another great show!!!! In the first segment Ra does his weekly heaven and hell review . In this weeks H+H review Ra discusses the El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico and ancient giants awakening in our collective consciousness and once they manifest on our physical plane they get subjected to the laws of our material plane like hunger , sexual desires etc. and how theres a timeline bleed thru and disruption in the time space continuum and Puerto rico has spots of portals and timegates that is being worked on by this alien artificial intelligence. Tonight’s guest is the one and only Solaris BlueRaven. Solaris talks of the rise of this A.I. and how it uses psychotronic attacks to manipulate the consciousness of its victims and interweave with the five bodies of the subject. We all have 5 bodies spirit,aura,astral,material and the soul keeps it all enclosed. Ra and Solaris discuss her amazing book One million Miles till Midnight and how it tells the story of her battle with this artificial intelligence. Also about her Documentary where she discusses her battle with this A.I. starting in 2004. Solaris will blow your mind with her information, power and intelligence. Ra talks of certain psychotronic attacks he has witnessed and of a childhood neighbor who was fatally affected by this weaponized technology. Solaris tells her personal story and the battles she has gone thru . Other topics include …implants,A.i. , Giants, The Fae, witchcraft, the moon and how our timelines have been deleted, altered and so much more!!!! This show was so kick ass you do not wanna miss! This info can save lives!!!! Solaris also hosts two shows of her own the witching hour on freedomslips and Hyperspace on revolution radio. Ra has also been a guest on both of her shows . Her website is listed below….We ‘ll see you next time inside the eye of Ra…spiral out!!!!!


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AIRED: 09-23-2017

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