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AIRED: 04-10-2010


Guest: William Whitecrow

White Crow grew up among the Native American Cultures and learned their ways of Healing, Rites of Passage and living in balance with the Earth. He has been a practicing Shaman for over 30 years, and some of his students would even go so far as to say that he has been teaching since he was a child.

In addition to Associates Degree in Computer Programming and two years study in Psychology/Social Work graduating with highest honors, White Crow has studied Natural Medicine and Martial Arts for the past 40+ years. He teaches Meditation and Guided Visualization Classes and counseled on Family Crisis Intervention and Suicide Hotlines.

As a young man, he spent time in Viet Nam and understands what a soldier goes through during his tour and life after the war. He has had two near death experiences, and his last one was in front of his family. He has a deep sense of spirituality, but is a realist when it comes to life, the Government, Religion and many other things. He has been a Sky Watcher, Earth Watcher, Government Watcher and World Watcher for most of his life. His personal experiences with UFO activity are amazing, as well.

White Crow has also been on several radio programs and has been interviewed for articles in spiritual magazines and newspapers. He has also made a number of CD’s and has written two children’s books and is working on a book about earth changes and how it effects us.

For the past 20 years, he has been looking at many unusual events involving the government, the space program, extra-terrestrials and global warming. Since then, he has given talks on Global Warming, UFO’s, Extra-terrestrials and Paranormal Phenomena, Secret Societies, Global Governments and cover-ups, as well as the 2012 Controversy.

He enjoys talking to people and letting them know what he sees happening in the world around us. His knowledge comes from personal study, observation, experience, insight and well established contacts.

His talks on UFO activity and extra-terrestrials and their possible agendas has awoken many people from their slumber, as has his talks on government cover-ups and the global control by the power elite. White Crow has a saying: “You’re either in the know or you’re one of the sheep; and he wants to wake the Sheep up.”

For more info, visit And, to contact White Crow directly, email him at [email protected].

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