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AIRED: 08-10-2012

Hour 1: Chris and Sheree cover the latest news and discuss relevant topics. We also welcome Dr. Brooks Agnew to give us updates on x-squared radio and share new information he has on the increasing numbers of drones not only in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Pakistan-but rather, in your own backyard.




Hour 2: We welcome Shepard Ambellas of The Intel Hub to talk about a film he and Jason Bermas are co-producing. We discuss the recent false flag shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin, and what kind of influence the recent Bilderberg meeting had on these current affairs.




Hour 3: Jason Bermas joins us to talk more extensively about “Shade” – a groundbreaking documentary to be released this winter. There is a shadowy depopulation agenda going on, and people like Jason and Shep are at the forefront of the fight against it with this new film!



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When living our lives in a normal cultural context, we are bombarded constantly with fear, anxiety, and feelings of impending doom. When we find the so-called “Truth Movement”, we are finally freed from this anxiety and fear….or are we? Chris and Sheree have walked through the fire and are here to break the bad news...

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Is there a way for humanity to overcome the current state of disillusionment with itself (and it’s limiting belief systems), to learn to evolve collectively into something greater? Sevan Bomar joined us as we went into some really in-depth spiritual topics about Belief vs Gnosis and how living in the moment allows us to utilize...

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