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AIRED: 06-24-2015

In this episode I used a clip from one of Dr. Michael Heiser’s lectures, which clearly shows how the entire Ancient Near East (including the authors of Scripture) viewed the cosmos in accordance with the Flat Earth model. Perhaps the “village idiot” is not so stupid after all? From there, I began to read from my blog titled, Architects of a Spherical World?

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My guest for this broadcast was Zen Garcia and we discussed his new book, “Paradise: Sides of the North and the Mount of Congregation,” which discusses what the REAL “north pole” may actually contain. So many ancient cultures discuss a huge magnetic mountain (some call it Mt. Meru) surrounded by a massive whirlpool of water...

AIRED: 01-17-2018

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AIRED: 12-27-2017

This is a pre-recorded show, which picks up where Jeran Campanella and I left off in our discussion on last week’s broadcast. We kept the mics hot and continued recording for about 2.5 hours after we got off the air last week, so now you get to hear the rest of our conversation about God,...

AIRED: 11-29-2017

In this broadcast, I had a very pleasant dialogue with fellow TFR host, Jeran Campanella regarding our beliefs on Flat Earth, the Bible, Christianity and the person of Yeshua/Jesus Christ....

AIRED: 11-22-2017

In this broadcast, I spoke with Mark Sargent about how he got into Flat Earth, how his “Flat Earth Clues” video series came to be and what he thought about the recent 2017 First Annual Flat Earth International Conference, which was held in Raleigh, NC. ...

AIRED: 11-15-2017

In this broadcast, I spoke with Robbie Davidson about the upcoming and first international Flat Earth Conference. Who is going to be there? What can people expect? Will people be able to view it on-line? We also discussed his latest documentary, “Scientism Exposed 2,” which will be premiered at the conference and then released for...

AIRED: 11-01-2017