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AIRED: 09-10-2014

In this episode,I air excerpts from my YouTube videos, The Omega Plan? and Mythology and the Coming Great Deception.

The Omega Plan:

Mythology and the Coming Great Deception:


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In this broadcast, I brought back Brian Godawa as my guest to continue where we left off in our discussion of Preterism vs Futurism views of the “Last Days.” In this one we focused a lot more on how Scripture should be interpreted. Is it all literal? Is it “poetic” and “metaphorical” or perhaps a...

AIRED: 10-18-2017

What happens when two heretics discuss opposing views of the End Times? Find out in this first of a multi-part series, which will compare Brian’s Godawa’s Preterist views versus Rob’s Futurist views concerning what the Bible calls the “Last Days.” In this program, Brian lays out the foundation for why he no longer believes in...

AIRED: 10-04-2017

In this broadcast, I spoke with my friend Alexander Lawrence about his book, “Leviathan’s Ruse,” which deals with the topics of Nimrod, the Antichrist, Nephilim, New World Order and more. ...

AIRED: 08-23-2017

This was a pre-recorded show. The audio was taken from a lecture I gave at the “Declaring the End From the Beginning” conference in Beaumont, TX on July 22, 2017. It dives into the issue of Creation, with a specific focus on how we should read Genesis and as a result, which model best fits...

AIRED: 07-26-2017

I had three guests on for this show to discuss various tests that have been done and that can be done in order to examine the world we live on and the heavenly luminaries above. Mickey for instance, did a test with an app called Theodolite, which anyone can download for $5.66. See the PDF...

AIRED: 07-19-2017

On this broadcast, I spoke with Robbie Davidson about some upcoming conferences that we both will be speaking at this year. We also discussed the issues of Scientism and whether or not we should be placing our trust in science “falsely so-called” or in the Bible....

AIRED: 07-12-2017