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AIRED: 05-09-2017

Tom found himself ‘out of town’ on business last night so we plow on! What I had wanted to cover today, and did in a much broader sense, is Tom’s approach to the ‘parallel government’ driver’s license roadblock so many face. I think Tom has found a solution with his “traveling Affidavit”. Rather than go over the paperwork he’s created we’ll put that off till next week under the assumption that Tom will NOT be out of town on business next week. As I was trying to set up the explanation our good caller/student Robert called. Shortly thereafter however, at the top of the 2nd hour we got a call from new student/listener Naim, a black man, who had just received his passport from his recent, expedited, passport application w/Affidavit based on Brown v Board of Education. It was a “melt moment” for me on the air as it evidences the progress we’ve made, are making and are about to add ‘great strides’ to! I have received emails from other listeners that felt the same emotions I was experiencing during Naim’s testimony. We finished up the show trying to show how all of this applies to this ‘traveling Affidavit’ that Tom will cover more in depth next Tuesday.

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AIRED: 06-16-2017

I was anxious to get to Wednesday this week to follow up on last week’s startling revelations by Michael Gaddy. Michael’s light shedding exposure of 1 of the 12 letters written by one of the younger Rothschild clan before the Civil War to a cousin in France. These heretofore undiscovered letters totally reveal the behind...

AIRED: 06-14-2017

Very lively show today w/Tommy back after several weeks absence. Started the program just kinda catching up a bit. Tom gave us the blow by blow of his recent court appearance my God son Josh revolving around a minor possession of the deadly live-saving substance marijuana. That stimulated quite a bit of additional discussion that...

AIRED: 06-13-2017

Brent Winters w/us again today but not without a little net drop our in the 2nd segment. General discussion to start per usual. Moved into some very important background that paints the perfect picture of what we are experiencing today Went into what happened in Babylon w/the Southern Tribes in Babylonian captivity with many specifics...

AIRED: 06-09-2017

Today’s ‘historical rug lifting’ was one of the most ground breaking shows in the historical category I have ever been a part of honestly. Our National Treasure, historian Michael Gaddy brought is a bountiful message from the depths of the National Archive and actual letters to his cousin by a 24 year old of the...

AIRED: 06-07-2017

Today’s “continuation show” transition from the close of yesterday’s conversation w/friend/listener Chris Cave who is force-ably incarcerated in a mental institution against his will and unlawfully. Dave from Michigan was able to path Chris in from the facility. We had Chris’ live testimony for almost 1.5 hours today. Brent, being an attorney, had a powerful...

AIRED: 06-02-2017