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AIRED: 12-21-2015

No guest(s) today, Monday solo show. Due to a comment last week from our regular caller Chris I wanted to cover the very important legal topic of “self help” remedies. Those would be the remedies exercised under the Uniform Commercial Code (also known as The Law Merchant and/or The Babylonian Merchant Code). How they have worked through history to change the legal landscape and how rife they are for abuse. Also covered a new revelation (to me) on how to use ‘perceptions’ to possibly change someone’s ‘beliefs’ by using the printed Constitution. If you are a ‘U.S. national’ you refer to the 13th Amendment (in essence) BACK to the 1st INCLUDING the Bill of Rights. However someone of the ‘singular’ political status of the 14th Amendment can NOT receive the protections of those OR the earlier Amendments. POWERFUL observation for changing someone’s ‘perceptions’.

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AIRED: 06-14-2017

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AIRED: 06-07-2017

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