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AIRED: 11-19-2015

My 20+ year friend from our Atlanta days Jack Abercrombie making another appearance on today’s show. After getting settled in we discussed one of his recent clients’ trip to see about/consider relocating in her retirement. After traveling to visit several different towns in southern Ecuador she settled on a beautiful spot outside of Cuenca. www.riovistalinda.com is the website. After talking about several aspects of the area, her potential move and it’s reasons, etc. we were joined by regular called Chris from Lost Wages. Chris has actually helped construct a dome home in northern Arizona and gave us much insight into dome homes, underground homes, berm homes, etc. We were also joined by Doc who contributed to the building discussion on top of adding to a comment I made to Jack about the recent discovery of giant skeletons in Ecuador, specifically around the Cuenca area. There are the links mentioned in our discussion today. Dome homes: http://www.goodkarmadomes.com/. Research on giants of N.America: https://lamarzulli.wordpress.com/2014/03/10/nephilim/. Underground homes: http://daviscaves.com. Hemp Crete. www.hemp.com

website: www.journeymanjack.com

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