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AIRED: 07-03-2018

Guided by Spirit
The Ten Laws of Right EMMA HARDINDE BRITTEN 1823-1899 Came to America in 1855, Founding Member of Theosophical Society with H Blavatsky, Given 7 Principles of Spiritualism in Spirit Circle (Séance)

1. -TEMPERANCE in all things, whether physical. mental, moral, affectional, or religious. MODERATION!

II. -JUSTICE to all creatures that be-justice being the exercise of precisely the same rules of life, ~conduct, thought, or speech that we would desire others to obey.

IlI. -GENTLENESS in speech and act-never needlessly wounding the feelings of others by harsh words or deeds; never hurting or destroying aught that breathes, save for the purposes of sustenance or self-defence.

IV. -TRUTH in every word or thought spoken or acted; but reservation of harsh or unpleasing truths where they would needlessly wound the feelings of others. LYING, GOSSIP

V. -CHARITY-charity in thought, striving to excuse the failings of others; charity in speech, veiling the failings of others; charity in deeds, wherever, whenever, and to whomsoever the opportunity offers. BENEVOLENCE, 1 CONINTHIANS 13:13 AND NOW ABIDETH FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY, THESE THREE; BUT THE GREATEST OF THESE IS CHARITY.

VI. -ALMSGIVING-visiting the sick and comforting the afflicted in every shape that our means admit of, and the necessities of our fellow-creatures demand.

VII. -SELF-SACRIFICE, wherever the interests of others are to be benefited by our endurance.

VIII. -TEMPERATE yet firm defense of our views of right, and protest against wrong, whether to ourselves or others. AGAIN, MODERATION

IX.- INDUSTRY in following any calling we may be·engaged in, or in devoting some portion of our time, when otherwise not obliged to do so, to the service and benefit of others.

X.-LOVE.- Above and beyond all, seeking to cultivate in our own families, kindred, friends, and amongst all mankind generally, the spirit of that true and tender love which can think, speak, and act no wrong to any creature living; remembering always that, where love is, all the other principles of right are fulfilled beneath its influence and embodied in its monitions.


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