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AIRED: 03-24-2016

The news of the day and up coming deadlines point to major world conflict. SECOND QUARTER 2016 – AMRO – BRICS BANK – GOLD EXCHANGE

China to Start Yuan-Based Gold Price Fix in April: Game Changer?
*Asian Version of IMF Seen to Be Launched in Spring
*China to Start Yuan-Based Gold Price Fix in April: Game Changer?

snip from article below – In the event of a currency crisis, Singapore-based AMRO will issue recommendations for the 13 member nations to invoke their Chiang Mai initiative, which is designed to mutually supply hard currencies in a crisis situation.
IT’S OFFICIAL! CHINA-LED AIIB ESTABLISHED ( in addition to the BRICS-led New Development Bank (NDB-operated by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which is expected to be functional by April 2016)
AIIB – Asian Investment and Infrastructure Bank – Articles Of Interest
*The Chiang Mai Initiative: Will East Asia Develop a Euro-style Regional Currency?


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