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AIRED: 08-06-2015

“WaveX Frequency Shift Update: Time To Plan For All The Changes And Make Necessary Alignments To Prosper”
Estimated 9 Steps of WaveX: what happens in Oct in Step #10?
PREDICTIONS on economies, the US$, China, the Dinar RV, natural disasters, the “Social War” that we have started, & more
Why are many of us feeling so tired & agonized on some days but perhaps almost euphoric with so much gratitude on other days?
Have you mapped-out the rest of 2015 in your life – possibilities, goals, risks, etc. Be aware of all the changes coming!
MH370 “debris” – how news “rotates” to keep the game playing
What are all the ‘strange’ noises that people are hearing?
Conversations and Q&A with YOUR concerns and observations.

website: goingglobaleastmeetswest.blogspot.com

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