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AIRED: 08-06-2015

“WaveX Frequency Shift Update: Time To Plan For All The Changes And Make Necessary Alignments To Prosper”
Estimated 9 Steps of WaveX: what happens in Oct in Step #10?
PREDICTIONS on economies, the US$, China, the Dinar RV, natural disasters, the “Social War” that we have started, & more
Why are many of us feeling so tired & agonized on some days but perhaps almost euphoric with so much gratitude on other days?
Have you mapped-out the rest of 2015 in your life – possibilities, goals, risks, etc. Be aware of all the changes coming!
MH370 “debris” – how news “rotates” to keep the game playing
What are all the ‘strange’ noises that people are hearing?
Conversations and Q&A with YOUR concerns and observations.

website: goingglobaleastmeetswest.blogspot.com

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Moon Phases are in essence Pure Cosmic Energies. As you walk your Soul Path, these energies allow you to manifest your destiny in the Now. There are eight (8) Moon Phases and they span approximately 3 ½ days each. The Moon cycle is typically 28 days; however, the Moon does move at different speeds, it’s...

AIRED: 01-16-2018

We are in a time of magic…like it or not…know it or not…we are now in this time. We have entered the “construct”. Chose now the direction you will go for the next 30 years. All things are about to change for all of the world but you right now have the ability and chance...

AIRED: 01-11-2018

Join Phoenix and neSe as they are joined by surprise guest Angela Horne! We discus the current energetic of the world plus new revelations of a major moon conspiracy right in front of us all! PLUS Angela shares information she first told Phoenix Rising Radio listeners three years ago! ...

AIRED: 01-09-2018

On Thursday 1/4/2018 Bob Gilpatrick from Boomers Forever Young will address: Nonviolent Communication: Including: Giving from the Heart, Blocks to Compassion, Connecting with Others, Liberating Ourselves, and Expressing Anger. ...

AIRED: 01-04-2018

7 Ways to Open Doors There are seven ways to make greater efforts to come in contact with the Universe and Christ-consciousness and open doors for you. They are: · Sacrificial Service · Meditation · Self-forgetfulness (having or showing no thought of self or selfish interests), harmlessness, and right speech · High standards of spiritual...

AIRED: 01-02-2018

Join Phoenix and NeSe as they talk about the end of 2017 and what 2018 will hold and how it is important to define in our hearts what will be. NOW is the time for ALL of us to rise above whatever it may be that has held us back…NOW is the time to say...

AIRED: 12-28-2017