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AIRED: 11-10-2017

We start, as always, with a look at history, a few b-days. Then, hop right in to the fray with Paul On The Plane, as he fills us in from the first Flat Earth International Conference! A quick “How I Fell Off The Ball” from Paul leads us to the impact of FE on his family life. We cover his bubble level experiments & P900 photography. Paul’s excitement is palpable as he recounts meeting the FE Superstars, all the media coverage, and coming FE Core experiment fund! We talk maps, moon, money, and Paul’s faking space series. A quick news roundup and we are outta here!



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This outing is all about Candi. We are joined by our good friend and Iron Realm Media roving reporter Candi Franklin of iSpy NASALIES channel to recap her amazing time at the Flat Earth International Conference 2017. We hear how she pranked Mark Sargent, the FE CORE foundation for real FE experiments, her personal Uber...

AIRED: 11-14-2017

On this outing, we kick it off with a walk down history lane, touching on the Mary Celeste, promos, Mandela Affect (sic), and Josh reaches the OverNeath. We take an amazing call from GudTimes4All, and he lets loose with a rant covering welfare state, sports as a time waste, prepping, police, painting the sky, progressive...

AIRED: 11-07-2017

Josh roars out of the gate with a geo-politi-rant rendered a bit askew by not enough caffeine uptake. Catalonia is the Greece in all of us! A brief “Today in History” and news roundup leads to questions about genetic testing, human cloning, Donald Marshall, and Walt telling his tale of Dream Time confirmation of the...

AIRED: 11-03-2017

Tremble in terror as the Boys take on all things Hallow, Horrific, and Hair-Raising! We start hour one each taking a turn venting our frustration at the current FE Malodorous Map Melodrama. Turning to fond monster memories of cereals, vitamins, cartoons, masks, movies, and the ultimate: Trick or Treat, we reminisce about our cherished childhoods...

AIRED: 10-31-2017

Hour 1: Walt and Josh discuss the recent release of prevoiusly classified JFK documents. Is this meant to divulge secrets or is it just another distraction? Kratom makes the headlines, again. Walt shares some of his experiences and there is talk of the potential for FDA wrench control from the People Shout outs to Billy...

AIRED: 10-27-2017

In the first hour, Walt and Josh discuss some effects of possible EMF attack or HAARP activity. They delve into stars, cymatics and resonant harmonics. They then touch on 440 v. 432 tuning and dissonant harmonics. Walt, then his recent appearance on to discuss Faul McCartney. In hour two Josh and Walt decide the...

AIRED: 10-24-2017