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AIRED: 06-09-2017

Tonight we discuss the Poltergeist phenomena. German for “noisy ghosts” we cover several tales of Poltergeist activity and hear from those who’ve expericnced it.

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Tonight, we dive into the world of examining Spiritual Encounters. Join us as we explore this and so much more! Enter the Paranormal Portal…if you dare! ...

AIRED: 05-26-2018

Tonight, we explore encounters with those who have managed to have a brush with spirits. It is believed that we live in and around spirits at all times. Are they always aware of our presence? Do they suddenly become aware of us as we do them? Does it change, depending upon the type of spiritual...

AIRED: 05-25-2018

Tonight, we discuss our amazing Paranormal Planet! We truly are incredibly fortunate to live in a world with such diverse and incredible phenomena. From strange creatures to spiritual entities to space/time anomolies that seem to defy the very fabric of the physics we live in. This is truly a magical place and we are just...

AIRED: 05-19-2018

Tonight, we discuss Encounters with UFOs and Aliens. The impact of these encounters is incredibly profound as it speaks to the dynamic nature of life and the proliferation of life and consciousness. Are there more visits now as opposed to historical accounts? Is there ever going to come a time for true “Disclosure”? How “far...

AIRED: 05-18-2018

Tonight, we discuss Encounters with the Unseen Realm. People all over the world in every religion and from all walks of life are encountering ghostly beings. Whether these were once people, or not, these encounters seem to “re-write” their understanding of the reality within which they live. Tonight, we will look into these encounters and...

AIRED: 05-12-2018

Tonight, we discuss the Spirit of Hauntings. Where can hauntings occur? Who is most vulnerable to spiritual hauntings? How do these things come to be? We will explore the phenomena from the point of view of those who have lived in the presence of such things and their encounters. Join us tonight as we explore...

AIRED: 05-11-2018