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Apr 24, 2016

nostradamusThe Great French prophet, Michel de Notre Dame, historically known as Nostradamus predicted many things that are believed to eventually have happened. He is said to have predicted the Moon Landing, Hitler’s rise to power, the Death of Henry II, and the JFK & RFK Assassinations among other prophecies.


2016 has so far been extremely interesting both scientifically and sociologically speaking, and while many of us expect that everything will remain the same without any greater changes,  French physician and astrologer, Michel de Notre Dame, historically known as Nostradamus, claimed important changes were going to happen in 2016. So far we are still waiting to see if the predictions of Nostradamus are going to happen.

In his book ‘The Prophecies’, Nostradamus wrote over a thousand four-line poetic verses called “quatrains,” which are said to predict events that will happen on Earth in the Future.

According to history, Nostradamus began having ‘visions’ at a relatively early age, and later on, he would stare into a bowl of water, and after some time, he would start ‘receiving’ visions of the future.

Even though academic scholars state that the associations made between world events and Nostradamus’s quatrains are largely the result of misunderstandings or mistranslations, millions of people and mayor press agencies credit him with predicting many major world events. Among his most famous predictions that allegedly came true, we single out a few of them:

Death of Henry II

“The young lion will overcome the older one, On the field of combat in a single battle; He will pierce his eyes through a golden cage, Two wounds made one, then he dies a cruel death.”

In the summer of 1559 King Henry II of France referred to as the older one lined up to joust the Comte de Montgomery, the young lion, six years his junior, on the fields of France or combat. In the final pass Montgomery’s lance burst through the king’s visor splintering to pieces. Both of them did have lions on their shields. Two shards injured him, one pierced his eye and lodged in the kings head. Henry II suffered for 10 days before dying in his bed.

Moon Landing

He will come to travel to the corner of Luna,  where he will be captured and put in a strange land, The unripe fruits to be subject of great scandal,  great blame, to one, great praise.

He referred to the Astronauts traveling to the moon, Luna. He, the astronaut was captured on film. Nostradamus used the phrase “the Eagle” as an allusion to the U.S.A. Is it a coincidence that the American lunar landing craft happened to be named “the Eagle”?

However, what did the Great Nostradamus predict for 2016, and our civilization?

The Largest Recorded Earthquake

The largest earthquake in the history of the United States will occur, especially affecting the western area of the country, its power will be felt in other countries around the world.

People will live more than 200 years

Advances in medicine will extend the average lifespan of human beings to 200 years. An 80-year-old will look like a 50, year old according to Nostradamus.

Radiation will burn the planet

“Kings steal forests, the sky will open; the fields will be burned by heat,” the seer writes. This is a warning that the destruction of the rainforests will lead to a hole in the ozone layer and the imminent exhibition Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. And all due to the massive burning of forest areas all over the world.

Language differences will disappear

“After the invention of a new engine, the world will be like in the days before Babel.” According to interpretations, this new ‘engine; would be used like modern-day computers, and according to the French prophet, this will mean the end to many nations.

The collapse of the global economy

“The rich will die many times,” wrote the French prophet.