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AIRED: 10-13-2017

In this episode, Josh and Walt breakdown some of this weeks headalines – From NASA’s regurgitation of decades long story of a mysterious, new planet,
to Harvey Weinsein’s harrassment clause. Rob, from Australia, re-joins The Ironworx to give his unique perspective from “the bottom of the ball”.
This weeks show is full of personal sories, flubs, jokes and rants. Relax and enjoy!

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The Ironworx gets our first guest! We are joined by Justin Harvey from We Are Change Orlando! In the first hour, Justin tells us how he got into actvism, what it was like starting We Are Change Orlando and his adventures in guerrilla Flat Earth’ing. In the second hour, Justin reveals his upcoming plans and...

AIRED: 10-20-2017

In hour one, Walt and Josh discuss the ‘wild’fires in Northern California and the significant rise in hurricanes. They concede one more show to discuss the ever-changing narrative, regarding the incident in Las Vegas and the latest news and updates from the crew at Iron Realm Media. In the second hour, Josh and Walt continue...

AIRED: 10-17-2017

In this episode, Josh and Walt touch on the Las Vegas narrative and break down of some the video and audio footage from that night. Walt discusses his experience with Kratom, some of its benefits, as well as some possibly harmful effects. In the second hour they discuss a new, accurate formula for caluculating the...

AIRED: 10-10-2017

In this, the debut epidode of The Ironworx, Josh and Walt give a quick introduction of themselves and of Iron Realm Media. They are joined by Rob, from IRM, to discuss false flags, hoax events and the recent events in Las Vegas....

AIRED: 10-06-2017