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AIRED: 09-23-2017

In the first segment Ra talks of the Macrospiral we live in and the ancient Hindu tale of the great Naga Sesha and how it is an ancient A.I. machine of DNA. and the story of the golden embryo, Soma , the battle of the gods and the antigods and how this time of destruction, rebirth and renewal may be upon us once again now!!! Than after first break Ra did his weekly Heaven and Hell review. This is the first episode with the weekly H+H review where Ra discusses current events and how they relate to the battle of light and dark or heaven and hell in all of us. This weeks topic was the storms in Puerto Rico and how this may have been by design to wipe out electricity and other forms of tech so the true agenda could be accomplished. Ra talks of the timegates in P.R. and of his friend and reporter Jorge Martin , how he has reported portals opening up with dinosaurs and other creatures coming from them for the last few years…coming from diff dimensions and timelines. Ra feels this is part of whats going on in P.R. sum sort of mission because of a disruption in the timegates within Earth. Than in the second segment Ra brings on his guest for this weeks show, Paris Tosen, Paris is an author and experiencer with a lot of knowledge. Paris first talks of his invention called the Tarc. Which is a device that he says helps him communicate with Star beings or possibly his Star ancestry. He calls these beings Elves….Similar to what Ra calls the Grigori. Ra and Paris than discuss whether this is actually A.I. projections or actual beings from other planes of existence or both. They talk of DNA and how this is actually a mini version of the spiraling seprent machine Sesha. Paris talks of how he was targeted by elites and the dark forces and how they used weaponized psychic attacks to try and scare him away from these topics, his work, and true life mission. Lucky for us all he didn’t listen. Than Paris talks of his encounter with these Star beings, which was over a course of 3 days and how they appeared thru a swirling vortex in his room and this energized feeling came over him. Such an amazing story you have to listen for yourself. Ra and Paris talk of the Earth school and of ancient priesthoods like the Cathars and the Gnostics and how they may have been directly interfacing with alien artificial intelligence. other topics discussed is Agartha (Inner Earth) DNA Activation, remembering who you are, and how we are actually living inside an Artifical Intelligence construct. we will see you next time inside the Eye of Ra…spiral out


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