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AIRED: 03-30-2018

The Alaskan triangle is our first port of call on this weeks journey into the unknown on Freaky Friday. Duncan Campbell, Scott Lopez, Jimmy Genes & in hour two onwards, Johnny Whistles discuss the various vortex regions on the planet that give birth to high strangeness. The Bermuda triangle, the Australian triangle and many more are discussed on the show.

Then the team discuss the potential for the African continent to split in two after a massive crack opened up in Kenya. Expanding earth anyone? With the earth changes, come the strange noises people are hearing around the world. Just what is behind the strange sounds being reported worldwide?

Scott Lopez then brings up a topic that you wont see, or hear, on any other show – the Aztec death whistle! Listen in to this terrifying sound.

To round of the show we get into a secret society that not many people dare to discuss… the Committee of 300. We play a clip of an interview from Ground Zero in 2013 featuring Dr John Coleman, an author that has exposed the Committee of 300 in his books. Dr Coleman, out of the blue, developed a headache during the break & just after naming the names of the most powerful people on the planet. Did he really have a sore head or is it more likely that someone told Dr Coleman to shut up during the break? We dont let that deter us from going over the forward of Dr Colemans book on the subject.

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