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AIRED: 01-13-2018

hey everyone well this was an interesting show to say the least. In the first segment Ra talks of the Moon and also of the mysterious Mrs Patterson talked about by occultist Austin Spare whom he supposedly met in 1902. She apparently was able to manifest her thoughts and project images into the physical, images of her visions. These visions were of her clients she was doing psychic readings on and was able to project holographic images of upcoming or past events in there lives. the second segment was an instant classic . Ra was looking forward to interviewing John Lear for a few years, with Ra being a psychic and having many experiences and inside info on the Moon he felt it was a no brainer for an intriguing, engaging, and amazing show between two passionate researchers. Ra didnt know two things about John ….1 he is coming off of some of the strongest opiates on the market and 2 John didnt want to hear anything about anyone else but himself including Ra ……well the Show is called Eye of Ra… over 100 interviews ra has never had a problem with any other guests and in fact always has remarkable conversations. Ra usually has his colleagues on who respect and honor his info and are on the same level.,but this time he took a chance with a big name whom he has never met or talked to before. Unfortunately, John on this night was not one of these people. Here at the Eye of Ra we wanna wish and hope John gets better and takes care of himself. You can here the frustration and ambivalence when he speaks, contradicting himself and going thru a spiritual battle, in fact he may even be under some sort of mind control, reptilian influence because when he first came on as guest Ra was experiencing a psi attack at the same time which never happens during a show and the technology started to go hay wire it took a half an hour just to get John on the line again with a functioning connection. It was an interesting view into the human psyche and is definitely worth listening to . We will see you next week inside the Eye of Ra….Spiral out!!


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