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By Luckee

Apr 22, 2016

by Luckee

There has been some hype on the alternative media about how Washington State is going to spray a GMO bacteria onto Seattle.  This is quite false. That bacteria (Bt-k) is actually natural and organic and found in soil.

Bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki is the substance in question.  It is also approved for use on organic crops.

Bt-k is a naturally occurring soil bacteria ideal for controlling tent caterpillars, gypsy moth, cabbage looper, tomato hornworm and other leaf eating caterpillars on trees, shrubs, tomatoes and other vegetables. Bt-k is most effective when applied to caterpillars during their 1st and 2nd instars, when they are still small. It must be ingested by the insect, as it is a stomach toxin. Harmless to humans, animals and beneficial insects. Bt-k biodegrades quickly in sunlight and may require reapplication under heavy insect pressure. To maximize effectiveness apply in the late afternoon. Several vendors offer Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki that is approved or use in organic production.

The Bacteria that is actually going to be sprayed over selected areas of Washington State, those locations have been listed by the Washington Department of Agriculture.  Click on that link for more information and schedule.leaf destruction

These Asian Gypsy Moths with other moths are highly destructive to the forests and many creatures in Washington State depend on healthy forests.

gypsy moth life cycle


While it is true that Monsanto does indeed use a Genetically Modified form of this spore, Monsanto’s product is not being used for this scheduled spray.

Associating the facts that Washington is using Bt-k (in its natural and long practiced way) with the monstrous Monsanto GMO perversion, is a form of shock value, designed as click bait. Any reader who has relatives and friends in the area of the shocking headlines will immediately click on the link to find out what are the dangers. Those readers who do not have the time or inclination will then be alarmed and act so for their loved ones.

While it is good to monitor government entities to ensure no foul play is going on, scare tactics by those in the Alternative Media is inexcusable. It is for this reason, we, at TFR, practice taking a few extra minutes to check the veracity of these ‘articles’.

We at Truth Frequency Radio really do stand behind our mottos:

Your Protection from Deception and No Hype, No Hate, No Fear.