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AIRED: 08-04-2018

**The first 15 minutes (approximately) are a mess…network loopback due to a tab open with the feed gave us a real shakey start…but fast forward and you can enjoy the rest of the mayhem without the echo-y mess…Sorry for the rookie beginning…but, ya get what you pay for. :P**

Tonight, we journey back into the Darkness to explore more stories and encounters with the Paranormal. Once the light has faded…you are alone…(spooky, eh? lol). Join us as we discuss this and so much more! Enter the Paranormal Portal…if you dare!
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Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, we explore paranormal experiences of First Responders. There are a few professions that seem to put those doing them in situations where the paranormal is bound to occur. First Responders is definitely one of them. #Ghosts and #Spirits that appear in the presence of the recently deceased to so many...

AIRED: 10-20-2018

Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, we welcome Chris and Sheree Geo of Beyond the Veil to the show! Our topic tonight will be #ManifestingConsciousness. It is widely believed that we create the world around us by matter of will, expectation and paradigm. Ever notice that when you feel you’re going to have a bad day,...

AIRED: 10-19-2018

Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, we explore Paranormal Gifts or the “Apport” phenomena. Apports are the phenomena where items appear in a manner that cannot be explained. Is it possible that we can receive gifts from the deceased or those in the realm of the spirit? What do these things mean? While not uncommon, most...

AIRED: 10-13-2018

Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, we explore Encountering #Poltergeists. While #Hauntings can be incredibly intense, the Poltergeist phenomena is akin to a supercharged haunting. Poltergeists, or noisy ghosts, seem to target a specific individual (usually a teen female is most common). While these kinds of hauntings are intense, they don’t appear to be “long-lived” and...

AIRED: 10-12-2018

Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, we welcome Sean Gonzalez and Joel Robinson, both of whom specialize in helping those who are being tormented with the Paranormal. Discussing #spiritualprotection and #spiritualeliminations. Both gentlemen are psychic and have helped people around the entire country. Join us as we discuss this and so much more! Enter the Paranormal...

AIRED: 10-06-2018

Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, we explore the phenomena of visitations by family and friends who have passed on. This type of visitation might be one of the most common types of #ghost encounters or #spiritual visitations. These encounters can be incredibly healing and can fundamentally help the bereaved move on, knowing their loved ones...

AIRED: 10-05-2018