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AIRED: 08-04-2018

**The first 15 minutes (approximately) are a mess…network loopback due to a tab open with the feed gave us a real shakey start…but fast forward and you can enjoy the rest of the mayhem without the echo-y mess…Sorry for the rookie beginning…but, ya get what you pay for. :P**

Tonight, we journey back into the Darkness to explore more stories and encounters with the Paranormal. Once the light has faded…you are alone…(spooky, eh? lol). Join us as we discuss this and so much more! Enter the Paranormal Portal…if you dare!
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Tonight, we are discussing Spiritual Warnings and Communication. So many claim that spirits have intervened and helped them to avoid very dangerous situations. Some have been visited, others claim to get “feelings”, some have dreams. There are hundreds of ways that spirits may use to warn us or just to reach out to us. From...

AIRED: 08-11-2018

Tonight, we talk about the Electric Spirits, more specifically, the ability of spirits to manipulate and disrupt electrical function. This is evident in EVPs, tale upon tale of electrical devices operating in ways that defies logic and understanding and seeming to have a mind of their own. Join us as we discuss this and so...

AIRED: 08-10-2018

Tonight, we welcome Robyn Moonshadow back to the Portal! Robyn is an investigator and researcher into the little people and proto-pygmy phenomena. In addition, Robyn is a researcher of cryptids of all shapes and sizes. Join us as we discuss this and so much more! Enter the Paranormal Portal…if you dare! ...

AIRED: 08-03-2018

Tonight, we welcome Mr. Brooks Agnew back to the Portal. Brooks is an accomplished follower of Science, established entrepreneur and Best-Selling Amazon Author of several books including the Bearth Series as well as his new book “Charm of Favor”. Tonight we will explore the physics and science to understand the paranormal and unseen world that...

AIRED: 07-21-2018

Tonight, we welcome Psychic Deb Varner back to the Portal. Deb is offering free psychic readings to callers of the show (7/20/18 from 10pm-midnight PST only). Call in for a free reading is 213.233.3998 or simply call 833-TFRLIVE (7/20/18 ONLY). Join us as we discuss this and so much more! Enter the Paranormal Portal…if you...

AIRED: 07-20-2018

Tonight, we welcome the “Obake Hunter” Philip Torres back to the show! Obake is a paranormal investigator on the Hawaiian Islands and has worked tirelessly to document and research the myriad of strange and puzzling paranormal events in the island paradise of Hawaii. He, additionally, is an avid collector of haunted dolls. Tonight, we will...

AIRED: 07-14-2018