Meditation, The Inner Self, Past Life Regression and Life After Death – Swami Shivandana Giri, Stephanie Bell >>


AIRED: 04-14-2012

Hour 1:

Swami Shivananda Giri carries the teachings and blessings of the most ancient Indian tradition that has been passed down from Master to disciple in a direct line for millennia. Having experienced meditative and expanded states of consciousness from childhood the path was well laid.

Now representing the Western Church of Sanatana Dharma and freely giving the shaktipat initiation to any human who wishes to come to know that THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS NOT GOD Swami serves humanity by assisting to enlighten and liberate one soul at a time.


Hour 2 & 3:

Stephanie Bell works with Ozark Mountain Publishing as Communications & Marketing Director. She is also a certified Practitioner of Dolores’ Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and has her own practice in the UK.

This evening Stephanie takes us on a journey through her own experiences and past lives, explains soul trajectory and even walks us through the birth and death experiences based on her experiences as a past life regressionist and hypnotherapist. Stephanie will be speaking at the and also featured at the New Earth Mediterranean Cruise with Dolores Cannon and Guy Needler.


Length: 3 hours


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