Truth Frequency Radio

Apr 02, 2016

by luckee1

When going about your day to day activities, one wonders about how an abusive or unjust boss will get his comeuppance.

Here is a tale about how one manager got his when he fired several employees of a national chain eatery, accusing them of stealing monies from the safe.

Unbeknownst to him, his girlfriend had been the one most likely to be taking the money on more than several occasions, Regardless, This fellow opted to assign blame to the crew who worked at the restaurant. After one time more than a thousand dollars had been stolen (mind you there were no cameras covering the safe, and the safe was routinely left unlocked throughout the work days), our ‘champion’ decided to fire several people on the same day after the police had determined no on premises had the stolen funds.

Two sisters and a few of their co-workers were suddenly and summarily unemployed. They had no designs on anyone’s money as they came from families who would always provide funds just for the asking. So these ingenuous teens had nothing to do but stew about the unfairness of the turn of events.

Right after the firing, the teens found themselves at the popular lake hanging out, ruminating on possible scenarios of payback. Laughing and having a good time dreaming up vengeance pranks, as teens are wont to do, and being at a lake, they thought of finding a fish to be set in the car of the mean manager on a hot summer day. After entertaining themselves with the scenarios, the youths went about to enjoy the lake and take a swim when they were offered rides on an associates ski-doo.

It was then, one of the girls, found a dead mangled fish floating near a swimming area when the hilarious plan started to manifest. They hunted for a bag large and strong enough to hold the 3 foot plus dead fish from the groups of people on the nearby shore, those people were only too happy to provide a heavy duty dark green, plastic bag, as they didn’t want a dead fish floating in the area where their babies were swimming.

dead fishCarefully, the young adults managed the malodorous cargo into the car and took it to their house and the sunny yard to stew in the sun some. After a few days, when perfectly ripe, they loaded their precious ‘cargo’ again and took it to the restaurant they were formerly employed at.

They easily found the manager’s new car at the store and with two youths acting as a lookout and one assigned as driver, the fourth tossed the foul load onto the offender’s ‘pride and joy’. Suffice it to say, the bag could take no more! When the bag of days warmed ichor hit the hood of the car it exploded and the contents seeped into the engine compartment.

The girl who tossed that ‘bag-o-stench’ ran through a copse of woods to be picked up by her assigned driver sister. She then tossed her cookies. Yes there was much tossing that day!

That car was totaled of course. They never found out who perpetrated this.

So, the moral to this story is: Don’t be blaming teens for stuff, just because it is convenient to do so. And Karma is fishy!