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AIRED: 07-07-2018

Groundbreaking revelations, and information delivered during tonight’s transmission!!! Ra goes deep into Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism. The
Leviathan A Quantum succah or canopy , the feast of Leviathan, Masiach Ben Joseph, the end of days formula is being downloaded by these workings!!!!The lineage of Lilith continued, The reanimation of the Rephaim, the children of Lilith, the Fae, the albigens, the Zohar….so much is discussed tonight!!!Than in the last segment Ra brings Paris Tosen into the discussion to chat about certain tools we can use to help us battle these forces……..

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tonight’s show was both inspiring and informative …Ra discusses the Soul Harvest upon us and Spiritual chaos that has infiltrated our Planet and the consciousness of humanity…….and has therefore affected every species on our planet plant and animal kingdoms alike. Whats transpiring is a repeating end times cycle reoccurring within the Fractal sparks of every...

AIRED: 09-22-2018

Get your notebooks and bibles out cause this is one of the most informative and eye opening shows you’re ever gonna hear!!! Ra Castaldo and Mr. Gary Wayne go deep into Bible Prophecy and soooo much more!!!! Gog/Magog, the Rise of the Goddess, Revelations, Apollyon and much much more!!!! ...

AIRED: 09-15-2018

tonights show was soooo intense , Ra discussed the highly evolved beings we call Trees !!! The magick abilities of certain trees and how trees have the most similar auric fields as Humans….more than any animal or anything in our world!!!!! Also discussed are the certain codes and formulas that can get activated within our...

AIRED: 09-08-2018

tonights show was amazing and had a great response from the chat room and viewers. In the first hour Ra discussed stargates on our planet. He discussed how the energy of these spots have changed over the years….from one civilization to the other. Also how the Hopi have done certain rituals in Canyon de Chelly...

AIRED: 09-01-2018

Ra goes deep into the shamanic benandanti lineage in tonight’s episode, being born with the “Caul” What is a Benandanti?????What are the Ember days??? Who are the grigori??? find out here!!!!! ...

AIRED: 08-25-2018

check out the latest episode as we spiral inside the Eye of Ra. Are unseen formulas and codes in our holographic universe activating cataclysms on our Planet depending on the energy and actions of Humanity???? the Bisexual shaman, interfacing with the grigori,Find out more inside the Eye of Ra ...

AIRED: 08-18-2018