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AIRED: 04-24-2017

Joining us tonight was Jordan Maxwell. We started with a little talk about the Universe and our place in it and then moved on to discuss religion and the significant details about the etymology of words found throughout scripture. Then we asked about his real name and lots of other interesting topics. Checkout Jordan’s site below and sign up for his research society if you are interested in supporting him.


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Lots of fun was had by all as Jeran and Missa discussed the “C” word. No, not that word… Conspiracy. A term that at once strikes fear and anxiety in the hearts of most every public figure, particularly journalists and academics. Since the 1960s the label has become a disciplinary device that has been overwhelmingly...

AIRED: 10-23-2017


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AIRED: 10-16-2017

Another Monday and another fantastic show. Well, maybe we are a bit biased but we thought it was good. We covered many topics and had a caller phone in to discuss his urine therapy idea which to anyone sounds insane but after hearing him out, all I can say is I will certainly research it....

AIRED: 10-09-2017

Jeran and Missa have another fun show discussing the latest in the flat earth. We discuss Kyrie Irving, train tracks and the island of Mallorca being seen from Barcelona. We then take calls and even take a call from a guy who visited Iceland and could see Greenland. That’s nearly 200 miles away and of...

AIRED: 10-02-2017

Jeran and Missa lead the way through another fun show of questioning everything. Tonight they focus in on evolution and the recent findings of several paleontologists who are realizing that dinosaur bones contain soft tissue. What that means is that dinosaur bones are not 67 million years old, or 30 million years old or even...

AIRED: 09-25-2017

A hot and debate orientated show. We started with our final call from Ramsey and things got a tad heated. It ended with a discussion on the impossibility of evolution. Then we had an hour with the Southern Israelite and again, things got heated. Then a little heat with Jeran and Missa but luckily one...

AIRED: 09-18-2017