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AIRED: 10-03-2016

Joining Missa and I this evening was David Weiss. A fellow flat earther and truth seeker. The entire three hours is spent taking phone calls and most the calls are from Globe believers. Fun was had by all and if you are looking for good info on Flat Earth, this is a prime place to start. Correction from the show. I said David was 5’1″ tall and I stand corrected. He is 5’2″ tall.



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Jeran and Missa discussed the Great American Eclipse and how they saw none of it. Throughout the night they took calls from across the country from people who had varying levels of excitement over the eclipse. We hope you enjoyed it and now have time to sit back and enjoy the best show on TFR...

AIRED: 08-21-2017

Jeran and Missa started out with another evolution conversation with “friend if the show” and frequent caller Ramsey who again brought words of men as evidence and failed to sway their current opinion. They took calls ranging from observations in Australia to tests in rivers. Fun was had by all and Jeran and Missa also...

AIRED: 08-14-2017

Jeran and Missa discuss the ideas around the indoctrination of the nation by means of science or religion. In any way possible, they make sure you hold their beliefs and never question them. They take both sides of the story and make it difficult for anyone to even look into the other. They take calls...

AIRED: 08-07-2017

The show was interesting but really… aren’t they all? Another interesting call from Ramsey and we also fielded calls including Nay-Say and others. The topic swung from evolution to science, the bible to astronomy and from observations to the Bedford level. We touched all subjects while digging a deeper hole as we do so well....

AIRED: 07-31-2017

An interesting night as Ramsey called early and moved the discussion to the idea of a soul and whether or not Robots have or need one. Enjoy the hilarity as usual as Jeran and Missa attack the question that has burdened philosophers since time began....

AIRED: 07-24-2017

Missa and Jeran have another fun and informative show talking about the ball earth and the fact or idea that we all occupy the position at the top of the ball. When did all center of masses decide to be centers of gravity? Are we flying at crazy speeds or standing still? Do we believe...

AIRED: 07-17-2017