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AIRED: 10-03-2016

Joining Missa and I this evening was David Weiss. A fellow flat earther and truth seeker. The entire three hours is spent taking phone calls and most the calls are from Globe believers. Fun was had by all and if you are looking for good info on Flat Earth, this is a prime place to start. Correction from the show. I said David was 5’1″ tall and I stand corrected. He is 5’2″ tall.



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Jeran and Missa have another brilliant show where fun was had by all as they had a discussion centering on the recent church service by Pastor Dean Odle who put a photo of Jeran and Missa up to show his church congregation and then introduced them as Jeran “The Flat Earth AntiChrist and his foul-mouthed...

AIRED: 11-27-2017

Another enjoyable show as Jeran and Missa started with some phone calls including Carl Street and then moved on to a phone call in the middle hour with fellow conspiracy buff Eddie Bravo from the Joe Rogan show. We talked North Korea and on to the deceptions of NASA. If you didn’t enjoy the conversation...

AIRED: 11-20-2017

Jeran and Missa discuss the Flat Earth International Convention that took place this past week and the one road bump that was seen by all in attendance. Will flat earth be taken down the road of Christianity or can it stand alone? We get deep and heavy into the bible and whether or not is...

AIRED: 11-13-2017

Tonight we were joined by Carl Street. We had a great time after covering the curvature experiment we did, we had a great conversation with Carl Street who we met when he called in on the show for a few weeks. He intrigued us and the listeners so much that we asked him to join...

AIRED: 11-06-2017

We were joined tonight by Nathan Stolpman from the Twitch channel LiftTheVeil for a discussion on false flags and so much more. We discussed the recent Vegas information and discussed the major question “Did Anyone Die?” We also talked about psychics and mediums and whether or not we believe in the earth as a physical...

AIRED: 10-30-2017

Lots of fun was had by all as Jeran and Missa discussed the “C” word. No, not that word… Conspiracy. A term that at once strikes fear and anxiety in the hearts of most every public figure, particularly journalists and academics. Since the 1960s the label has become a disciplinary device that has been overwhelmingly...

AIRED: 10-23-2017