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AIRED: 01-18-2018

Sarge opens the show by discussing how California is a hotbed of cold and flu despite the high level of vaccination in that state! At the bottom of the hour he’s joined by Paul Kroto to discuss the Ketogenic Diet and the many health benefits of making it a part of your lifestyle.

Here’s Paul Kroto’s Ten Keys to Weight Loss that he speaks about on the show…

1 – Create a calorie deficit

2 – Exercise more

3 – Make sure your needed energy is coming from fat stores instead of muscles

Keep carb intake below 20 grams per day (5% is best) /

4 – have a medium protein intake (20%) is better (fat – 9 cal/gm / protein – 4 cal / gm)
Intermediate fasting – eat for 8 hours / fast for 16 hours (eat from 11am – 7pm / fast 7p-11a)

5 – Avoid being hungry – raise good fat intake to 75% of calories

6 – Take all 90 Essential Nutrients w/extra minerals as needed

7 – Drink 1/2 oz water per pound of body weight per day

8 – Drink one super green drink per day

9 – REV drops

10 – Boost your HGH levels


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