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AIRED: 10-19-2017

Sarge opens the show by discussing Cold and Flu season and the smart / healthy way to prepare yourself for it that doesn’t include flu shots and over the counter drugs! Cutting out the bad foods, excess sugar, nutrifying your body with the 90 Essential Nutrients and eating a high-protein diet will give you a great chance at avoiding sickness during this time of year! Sarge also discusses the Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Therapy device that increases cellular-level circulation. For more information send him an e-mail at [email protected] and he’ll forward it to you.
Sarge then looks a items in the news and takes comments and questions from he Chat room. We all had a great time today!


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Sarge opens the show with a short discussion on gun control and several university graduates who are now speaking up against their schools’ anti-gun policies. He then covers yet another wonderful article that details why the flu shot is virtually worthless. A couple callers call in with opinions and questions. Sarge covers a Finnish court...

AIRED: 05-17-2018

Sarge opens the show by talking about exercise and his new Nordic Track cross country ski machine! He’s joined at the bottom of the first hour by The Organic Prepper, Daisy Luther and they spend the next 90 minutes discussing all areas of prepping for survival during any possible emergency situation. Overall a Great Show!...

AIRED: 05-10-2018

Sarge opens the show by discussing two articles on vaccines; one that involved a court ruling that the Gardasil vaccine does, in fact, kill people, and another that shows a correlation between the rates of vaccination and the rates of autism! Sarge is joined in hour #2 by Vaccine Rights Attorney, Alan Phillips who discusses...

AIRED: 05-03-2018

Sarge opens the show by discussing the rental truck / sidewalk attack in Canada and how that might lead to ‘rental van control or a waiting period to rent a van.’ He plays a video by Dr. Peter Glidden on Salt and takes comments from the chat room and covers items in the news. ...

AIRED: 04-26-2018

Sarge opens the show by discussing the fact that today is Patriot’s Day – the 234th Anniversary of the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World.” He plays a recording entitled: “A Visitor From the Past” and talks about how our Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves to see what we’ve allowed to take place...

AIRED: 04-19-2018

Sarge opens the show by discussing the failed medical myth of the (non)relationship between salt and high blood pressure. From there he fields questions an comments from the chat room and discusses the situation with the recent school shootings. ...

AIRED: 04-05-2018