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AIRED: 04-03-2018

Paul and his co-host Knoxy kick off the show’s inaugural episode talking about their backgrounds and how they met. After the break, the conversation turns to the “Convex Earth” Documentary and the fallout after information about the scientists and their background comes to light. Is the shattering of dinner plates with the mind and talking to Extra-Terrestrials in bushes meant to discredit the overall Flat Earth movement?

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Zack from Gudtims4all joins Paul and Knoxy to discuss his recent observations over Lake Michigan, which included seeing all of the Chicago skyline from more than 38 miles away when Earth’s curvature should’ve hidden more than 800 feet! ...

AIRED: 04-24-2018

Paul and Knoxy discuss whether they think Seth McFarlane and Elon Musk are puppets or puppeteers in the greatest lie ever told. What would it take for you to become willing to betray your own species? Money? Power? Fame? Fortune? Or have they and their loved ones been threatened if they reveal the true nature...

AIRED: 04-17-2018

Paul and Knoxy cover a myriad of Flat Earth topics, including North-South polar navigation (or lack thereof), and then get off topic when Knoxy implants the image of Scientism’s High Priest Neil deGrasse Tyson crying in the shower into everyone’s heads. A totally organic episode revolving around true evidence and pseudo-science — revolving like the...

AIRED: 04-10-2018