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AIRED: 10-08-2017

Join me as I rubber neck my way through the EVENTS of the past week..
LAS Vegas AND Special report .. How to brainwash a nation, ….. AND More
Samantha Fish, Things to do in denver when your dead ,Brapallgood,Ford Fairlane, ,
Order a pizza in the future ,How to BRAIN WASH A NATION,Thin Lizzy hacking the american mind,

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…. number 5 of SIX with special guest Scott Lopez Coming for that number 1 spot… love with all your might part five of six culture creation mind shapers , breaking the back of the subject with constant hammering into the brain the program being run in 2017 the butterfly transforms the Trauma of the...

AIRED: 12-17-2017

East of the Edens Gate ..The Apple i draw out the lesson and the allegory present in the icon of the forbidden fruit and the constant searching for the demons and saviors outside ourselves … the Arcanum Gnostic teachings brings to the fore the true nature of man and the fall from grace in the...

AIRED: 12-16-2017

Part 5 Culture Creation Raising The Idol With Special Guest Scott Lopez Come on along with us as we cruise down the back roads of culture creation and reveal the method of social engineers and expose past present and the future of shaping the minds of the young an old alike to move as one...

AIRED: 12-10-2017

The Star Trek Archeologist Welcome to Olympus …. come along for the second installment of original star trek series allegory and the Hermetic law. Oye Vey ac/dc Fun Lovin criminals , red hot Chile peepers Portugal the man, kids listen to Led Zep, the presidents analyst. James Cobern, judas priest oops i did it again...

AIRED: 12-09-2017

Join Me with Special Guest Scott Lopez WE bring in the evidence to show the culture creation machine in episode 3 of sound tracking the script Timothy Leary the greatful dead height ashbury the nineties ,the prison culture and THE PRISON 9INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX WE RAISE THE QUESTIONS and Try to find answers.,, EMINEM BLUE KING...

AIRED: 12-03-2017

Good KIRK Bad KIRK,,,Lesson ONE Duality Episode one .Friday Night . We look at The Enemy within and mans need to quell the darker nature of himself to conform to the normal and behave in an acceptable way ,the hermetic system of duality, bill hicks ,jerky boys, hollywood shuffle.,james brown kendrick lamar mr probz,yellow bodock...

AIRED: 12-02-2017