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AIRED: 10-08-2017

Join me as I rubber neck my way through the EVENTS of the past week..
LAS Vegas AND Special report .. How to brainwash a nation, ….. AND More
Samantha Fish, Things to do in denver when your dead ,Brapallgood,Ford Fairlane, ,
Order a pizza in the future ,How to BRAIN WASH A NATION,Thin Lizzy hacking the american mind,


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Parental Advisory ………EXPLICIT language………….EMAIL COMMENTS TO [email protected] JOIN ME … for rippin ride through the current mainstream promotions this week.. Wienstien , BRING IN VANILLA ICE , and i coagulate details about the upcoming NOV 4 ‘ PROTESTS ‘ PLANNED BY THE AMERICAN ANTIFA GROUP. Bill HICKS George Carlin,Cheech And Chong, Quentin Tarentino, ...

AIRED: 10-15-2017

in hour one Night Owl Theater..Trump Builds a wall ,ac/dc, Blue King Brown, Fun Lovin Criminals,janet jackson cheech and chong, george carlin ,brap allgood part two of tupAc Dead Or alive in hour two PROFESSOR GRIFF uncensored ,,, warning graphic language and disclosure No grapes theory, is this real , daft punk King Crimson ,the...

AIRED: 10-01-2017

ALL EYES ON ME …….WHAT HAPPENED ..TUPAC … WARNING INTENSE STREET DIALOG ,STRONG CONTENT STRONG LANGUAGE RAW interview audio ..explicit language …PleasE act accordingly .. … i apologize but the content was presented AS IS in its original forM for educational PURPOSE ..CONTENT PRESENTED FOR .. adults and supervised WITH parental controls ..JG ice t,tupac,deep...

AIRED: 09-24-2017

Curtain CALL For TUPAC...

AIRED: 09-17-2017

Part two of Blast from the past … the hippie movement was catching fire with the grass roots .I disect the script from 1969 , and show the rag doll of fear used to direct the herd away from the hippie movement the hippies were moving from consumerism and getting back to the land ,...

AIRED: 09-10-2017

Part one of my three part presentation . come along with me in the way back machine as i swing in for a look at the summer of love . The Canyon Look out Mountain , Charles Manson as a patsy to kill the hippie movement , Almost evry pop start who hung out in...

AIRED: 09-03-2017