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AIRED: 01-06-2018

the fine Line Between , with Jimmy gene
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Simple minds, dont you forget about me ,he is my best friend ,rebel without a cause SAL Mineo,Natalie wood, destiny’s child say my name. jimmy Gene ,into the microcosm is on the air , Sammy Hagar, red green ain mean compared to red,, cult ,fire woman, cmon , fiiiiiiiiire. yea smoke on the, CREEP TLC, 22nd of loneliness, we been through so many things, TYPE of GUY ll cool J. Rebel without a cause, trailer , your tearing me apart… jim your gonna kill your own father, MY NAME IS JIMMY, WHITE NOISE ALUNA GEORGE, white noise you feel like a dream to much to loose ,tonight were gonna start a fire, you and me all night NOBODY ,Spanish version , Fun lovin Criminals , LOCO , your our only hope , boys were screwed ….screwed i talk to things that chime her inner voice make her pulse rush , mexicali ,, mad hatters mona lisa , Elton John ,more bounce to the ounce ZAPP band. i would rather be with you BOOTSy Collins,,,, chat room shot out ,CLAPTONE , NO EYES, OASIS<wonder wall remix , today is gonna be the day ,they throw it back to you , Odel Jdope show m, mansonames , they call me disco , i wanna feel , you know what ,,oooohhhh baby , i wanna feel ,the dope show m, manson, ZHU faded,
second half first hour short mono, describe show
set the tone ,,
,,TASH SULTANA ,higher, The Star TREK archeologist ,committed to HATE, intro, hey hey my my , N,Young Better to BURN OUT , than to FADE away ,,,, SAM Kinison, !1`986, rare , I love women, relationships last forever, NEW LOVE door to hell
THE TUBES what do you want from life ,??? well you cant have that BUT…..!,,,, The TIME Warp, the bravery the faces all around me they don’t smile they just CRACK,,,,,
give me something to believe ,i am living just to breathe, Jimmy ,close out first shout chat room shout out,
Second Hour,,
Drivin Deep into the night with Jimmy ,Against the ROPES Hypno imagica ,,,,MY music… soundcloud. ODER of magnitude , or hypno imagica de crypto…
Donavan ALANTIS chat room wins HATS ,,, DR Kayak, Galatic Pixie TIE for that Hat ….Congrats guys..
click ,click, boom…saliva.. just a kid with a pad a pen and a big imagination,Portugal the man , rebel…
The black and white ,,,committed to hate ,,,star trek ,,,… inferior breed , i have heard your people believe they evolved from apes, you carry justice on your lips warp factor two..
Adam raised a CAIN, JG on his pinky ring ,fun lovin criminals king of New York.. PRINCE eye hate you ,the most beautiful girl in the world mini mix i love you cause i hate you
close your eyes , could you be the most beautiful girl in the world ,, when the day turns into the last day of all time ..
JIMMY mono LOG californaCation…red hot chili peps.. a teenage bride with a fabian side gettin high on information..
welcome to play GOD
worship me,,,KIRK.. waves MR { PROBZ,, my face above the water my feet cant touch the ground.
.Promo for Saturday
MONO LOG… funky destination ,,Beth Hart ,,, I’ll take care of you””””
dyvynyls pleasure and PAIN ,,i touch myself,,, livin kind, live in peace ,,the firm OUT..
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