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AIRED: 12-02-2017

Good KIRK Bad KIRK,,,Lesson ONE Duality
Episode one .Friday Night .
We look at The Enemy within and mans need to quell the darker nature of himself to conform to the normal and behave in an acceptable way ,the hermetic system of duality, bill hicks ,jerky boys, hollywood shuffle.,james brown kendrick lamar mr probz,yellow bodock redbone dua lipa. toim petty metalica and lady gaga public enemy fun loving criminals otis rush, and much much more FAIR USE

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AIRED: 12-10-2017

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AIRED: 12-09-2017

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AIRED: 12-03-2017

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AIRED: 11-26-2017

Crushing the counter culture .Who designed the chemical M,essiah Open wide and say my name Chales Manson Jailed for life almost dead is he or isnt he who knows the patsy lies in state so his true confession cant be seen or heard till he is dead and gone we will never know , Join...

AIRED: 11-19-2017

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AIRED: 11-12-2017