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AIRED: 01-27-2018

Explict xXx , adults only

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its Jimmy and Chat Gang

In the smugglers iINN Down the darK Road.. on HIGH .way One love..
oing back to Cali, stylin, profilin
Growlin, and smilin, while in the sun
The top is down, on the black Corvette
And it’s fly, cause it’s sittin on Daytons
Laurents steering wheel, plushed out, gold-leaf phantom top
And three girls waiting
VRRRROOM engine’s blowin, the chrome, is shining
Passing all the cars on the way
Movement of the wind, back wheels spin
Pop in a cassette and push play
I’m going back to Cali, Cali, Cali
Pulling threads ,
monolog , chat calls,
we read threads from boards and Clique and Spin
Breaking News … Discovery at the boarder could Kill Millions of Americans…
Make America White again ….
Twerk Contest , and More c’mon in
we are a ship without a course
adrift in a sea of bullshit
we find safe harbor in the TFR CHAT.
we see movement and observe the situation …
Free Tampons For all,,
Don Johnson ,goes nuts no i mean Jan Mike vincent calls out from the gutter to speak to alex jones
some one got caught doin blow in florida ,,,,,wow thats big news …. hahahah
Miami VICE.t
he dead zone breakdown trump , sheen comparison. bill hicks ,,

worshipping the devil
with MR Crowley, Ozzy

discuss Magic and going insane , the crazy train.
going back to cali ,l lcool j back to cali , biggie, night prowler ac/dc/desperado R$ihanna

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