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AIRED: 03-04-2018

Meetings with Remarkable Men ..Number one BRAD OLSEN CCC. publishing
the Microcosm “EXPERIENCE”, Jimmy Gene opens up as he delves head on into the first of his series of interviews “ Meetngs with Remarkable Men’ with world traveler, author, and founder of CCC Publishing, Brad Olsen. But first, as usual Jimmy never fails to engage and amuse the listener with an impromptu mars landing, an excerpt about Howard Sterns, Fractured Fairytales, and Chris Rock on the Jimmy Kimmel show (is that the right show?).
Jimmy starts the interview by asking bout some of his amazing travel adventures, including the time Brad snuck up the Pyramid of Giza where he had a spiritual experience
in which he had a healing conversation with his deceased grandfather.
Brad believes in positive thinking and he and Jimmy discuss questions about their own belief systems pondering the question,
are we creators of our own worlds based on our own thoughts and actions? How can we use our resources to build a better society.
Brad references the work of Leo Lyon Zagami, one of the authors of CCC Publishing, and Leo’s work in examining some theories of the Illuminati,
the NWO, and Secret Societies in Europe. Brad and Jimmy ask some important questions about whether organized religion and the gnostics try to control our thinking about how we should live our lives. A
re our own judges, or is there a judge in heaven that decides our eternity? How much does Karma determine the outcome? Where does technology come into our search for answers?
Is it possible we are just biological nodes using technology to try and reclaim abilities we had in antiquity?
Brad expresses his beliefs that; if we are in service of others it puts positive energy into the world;
and it helps us move up and evolve, and organized religion does not want us to have the knowledge that giving a hand to help other and
s will help the world by creating positive energy. Jimmy takes the questioning into a darker tone by asking Brad about Satanism, following Allister Crowley’s religion, and questions whether Lucifer and Satan and Jesus are the same entities, because they are all referred to by similar names, all meaning bringer-of-light. Brad feels we need to be careful about our beliefs because Lucifer has been known since the Middle Ages and is currently shrouded in secret societies, including the NWO, Illumnati and Free Masons. Lucifer could also be an ET or Reptilian of malevolent intent or different ones. Is there confusion because Jesus and Lucifer both came from the Venus sky? Brad and Jimmy both conclude that religion is not the answer, rather doing good for the sake of doing good is the way to live. Join the Microcosm Friday and Saturday at midnight, Pacific Standard Time and get deeeeep into“The Experience” as the series of Interviews With Remarkable Men continues!

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