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AIRED: 01-14-2018

lets jump on the Harley and head down to the club. on High Way ONE Love
Educational, Artist Promotional.
xXx explicit parental discretion is advised .
if you get frightened by strong dialog please exit to the green safe space so you don’t get triggered. PARTy people you head over there ,to the RED room”
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“I Touch Myself”
I love myself, I want you to love me
When I feel down, I want you above me
I search myself, I want you to find me
I forget myself, I want you to remind me
I don’t want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ooh, I don’t want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no
You’re the one who makes me come runnin’
You’re the sun who makes me shine
When you’re around, I’m always laughin’
I want to make you mine
I close my eyes and see you before me
Ooh, I don’t want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no
I love myself, I want you to love me
When I feel down, I want you above me
I search myself, I want you to find me
I forget myself, I want you to remind me
I don’t want anybody else
When I think about you, I touch myself
Ooh, I don’t want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no
I want you
My Name is Jimmy, things to do in Denver when your dead , Andy Garcia. Gabriel ANWAR.. Outlaw ,War.. Body Heat James Brown. i might like you better if we slept together
, never say never , romeo void. Don’t touch me there ,the tubes I touch myself your the sun that always shines ,
. Dyvynyls, Hot in here ,Nelly, NIIA, Nobody, Fun Lovin criminals,
KISS Dr Love, BANKS , Fuck with myself, My life is so good ,i fuck with myself more than anybody else Rockstar. G easy . hit it one time ,BANKS , this is what it feels like.
\Banks ,Weaker GIRL ,{Bad Mother fucker like me} HasH Pipe ,Weezer, down on Santa Monica ,tricks are for KIDS A girl like you,
JIMMY G… Venice beach CHAIN SAW juggler LOVE and communication dialog. Realationships making them work..
manipulation , projection and the web of confusion
The Pleasure seeker Friends with
benefits , sex is good sex is great,
the Apple ,. Adam and eve Babylon
uncle bill Got crushed by nine ton bucket of Shite.
Oooooooppppps the PHONE DON’T WORK. (my fault , operator error )
sunspot , crappy sounding music,
hahahah sorry ,
Chat ROOM .. shouts .
pulling against the stream i wish i could make it easy , easy to love me, drifting away , wave after wave,
BLACK MOAN,,, BIG black snake … all up in my room , black snake is evil , black snake is all i see S L Jackson,
looks like its all me.. Mono log.. forging through adapt and overcome..
Pleasure seekers and sex ,, personal story ,, fiends with Benny description.
the Pleasure principle, the difference between happiness and pleasure.
sure Busting a nut and the unbalanced scale of pleasure..
tweeting to bust a nut and marrying robots rather than communicate
\ who needs men when you have a battery powered servant/
old young break down 15 tears. out grow each other ,.
KENDRICK LAMAR I LOVE MYSELF. return of the MACK, Mark Morrison , Creep TLC. Don’t stop Band// welcome to the dawn, the most BE utiful GIrl in the world\
when the day turns into the last day of time …
everything falls apart hhahahahahahahahaha Sunspots and the NSA..
good fellas , whats so funny ,
Mexicali …
PBR street gang this is ALL mighty , do you read me ..OVER…
Sam K i love women , HBO ,1986, Eddie Griffin 96 HBO
HAVANA,, Be Humble KENDRICK LAMAR sit down BE HUMBLE somthins in the water Annie are you OK, Eminem without me,
take a selfie , James brown ,i’m back , body heat, LARGER THAN LIFE . BACKSTREET, HELLS BELLS ac,dc wherever i may roam .
Eminem i walk on water
aerosmith train kept a rollkin, Same old Story same old song and dance, Public enemy, flavor flave ./…
one love see you next week … BE GREAT
JG 1-142018

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