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AIRED: 05-13-2018

the Missing 30 minutes ,,the show from last night is missing the last 30 minutes at the end .. sorry dont know what happened ..
THe Mission
If someone says you can’t change, they are wrong. Every action you take affects your life, your family, your community, and finally, the world around us all. The caveat is that change can be positive or negative. That choice is up to each one of us!

This week Into The Microcosm explores the subject of doing good in the world. But first, as always, Jimmy doesn’t disappoint as he
gives us a special treat sharing his golden vocal chords singing the John Mayer song “Gravity”, followed by audience favorites; Fractured Fairy Tales, and a variety of hand picked songs.

Our dedicated chatroom goes along for the ride as Jimmy and Brandy dive DEEP into the Microcosm. Jimmy continues sharing his mission of the Mobile Studio Van which Jimmy will use to travel around the country covering stories of interest and need, and rendering any possible aide by garnering resources. Jimmy also shares an opportunity he has learned about to help provide computers to a developing community in Africa. These computers will be used to create a trade/skills learning center, and an computer education center for school children. Jimmy will also be sharing the need on KSCO AM, Santa Clarita Valley, CA. as well as updating listeners on how they can help if desired.

Jimmy and Brandy send out thanks to listeners that have contributed to the Mobile Studio Van fundraiser, and to others that have contributed to the show in multiple ways; particularly the Geo’s for the TFR platform on which Into The Microcosm airs.

There are many simple ways to create positive changes in life. Exercising the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle, applying the information presented in the Manley Hall lectures shared on the show, and the use of natural ingredients. Dandelions, for example offer healing, immune building and pain fighting properties.

Look around. Dream what you want to do, and go do it. Even Gilligan learned to fly. He successfully stayed in the air, until Skipper told him he couldn’t fly. Only then did Gilligan fall from the air. Dream your dream. Make and meet your goals. Don’t let the Skippers in your life say you can’t do something. Don’t give up-go change the world!!

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