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AIRED: 12-23-2017

Spin The wheel , Holiday special …..
Happy times a here again as into the microcosm goes OFF with a big FUCK you to YOUTube ,,,,,
\COPY WRITE MY White Irish ASS….
Leader of the pack……….. i got the fire , Montrose ,Blackout, Scorpions,,Dope Show M Manson. .Pulp fiction ,are you my nigga,??”it certainly appears so ” sleep with me ..Top Gun Speech, Montrose ,Space age
SACRIFICE, CBS Star Trek , Daestroms Breakdown come undone Duran Duran ,the church, under the Milky way Josh Hienrichs, sexual healing Marvin Gaye,Bill Hicks, live Edenbourough, Blue King Brown, Ritchie Havens Freedom, second city < i wanna Feel , starrider, forigner, trinity, what girls like, matrix,ignorance is bliss, bill hicks marketing, KISS, I was made for loving you Genie in a bottle, a Bronx tale now yous cant leave, Beth heart George Carlin America is one big Lie,, Malcolm X, integrating into a burning house, VEGAS GUN SHOTS , Bush. everything is ZEN. CALIFORNIA LOVE ,DRE, TUPAC, ADVANCED COMMUNICATION COURSE , Perfect..ASSHOLES SPEECH, Mike Dawes ,One

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