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AIRED: 12-16-2017

East of the Edens Gate ..The Apple
i draw out the lesson and the allegory present in the icon of the forbidden fruit and the constant searching for the demons and saviors outside ourselves … the Arcanum Gnostic teachings brings to the fore the true nature of man and the fall from grace in the search for truth and knowledge falling away from grace do we realize ignorant bliss or can we take great care to take control of our selves our lives and our world. and create our reality with care and l consciousness that we are reflections of the creator perfect and beautiful
The Tree of LIFE
The Tree Of Knowledge and the burning sword blocking the way back to EDEN
Man and woman a reflection of the universe.
“Day breaks
On a world that is waiting
Lighting up the broken stones of time
It stretches like a shattered road to Eden
Where love is standing flashing like a sign
In the cold bolt blue of television
We make love turn off the world its turnin round
It maybe gravity that holds you while its spinnin
But only love
Can keep your feet on the ground
we look at Star Trek episode the Apple ,Back to eden ,the wtf parrot ,the matrix ignorance is bliss dirty movies van halen i drink alone george throgood , track down end of the world trump bilds a wall
, the arcanum, gnostic teachings billy thorpe east of eden,bill hicks portugal the man ,three days of the condor trailer, funky destination,soopasoul remix, rithcie from boston on cern and geordie rose .
spotlight MR Probs prayin to a god that wont talk back Billy thorpe east of edens gate CBS star trek, one love

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