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AIRED: 01-21-2018

Chatter Cheese Flavor Adults ONLY , explicit CONTENT xXx

I Might not be MR right but i am MR Right Now…
.. O the Dark High ,,WAY Cali style..
Pulling Threads
LIVE Chat Interactive
REVERSE ,Hope and Change….
If Trump wanted some Lip…… from you ,……….”he would scrape i ………off HIS ZIPPER
Utah, Legal Cannabis, NUKE ALARM…. N Carolina .. Siren REST ????
Trump… Renews wire taps ….
and much, much, more…..
and interactive chat ,
Pulling Threads , Forum reading,
predictions Condoleeza ?
Giving the DON his Props
“Let’s Take A Trip Together”

Morphine .”lets Take a Trip together”

Let’s take a trip together
Headlong into the irresistible orbit
Breathe in the cold black space
With the glistening edges
Let’s take a trip me and you
Let’s go the scenic route
Get to finally
Get to finally
Get to finally
Get to know each other
Just to be alone with thee
Just to be alone
Just to be alone with thee
Somewhere there’s no distracting breeze of information
Leaking through the windows, dripping from the trees
Somewhere there’s no earthquakes
Of other people’s anxious questions
No nervous wrecks
Going down
No nervous wrecks
Going down
Let’s take a trip together
Headlong into the irresistible orbi

Sitting in an old Monte Carlo
A man whose heart is hollow
Uh huh, take it easy
I’m not tryna go against you
Actually, I’m going with you
Gotta get up out of here
And you ain’t leaving me behind
I know you won’t, cause we share common interests
You need me, there ain’t no leaving me behind
Never, no, no, just want out of here
Yeah, once I’m gone, ain’t no going back
If you want we could be runaways
Running from any sight of l
If you want, we could be runaways
Running from any sight of love
Yeah, yeah, there ain’t nothing
There ain’t nothing here for me
There ain’t nothing here for me anymore
But I don’t wanna be alone
The Rooster .Alice in chains welcome to the Dawn , Prince,,classic Fantastic, Fun Lovin Criminals
\black, snake Moan, Sam, L Jackson , Black snake is evil blacksnake is all i see, Desperado, Rhianna , Never met a girl like you before
reTurn of the mack .. Mark Morrison.
My Name Is JIMMY . MR Right NOW at the Corner Bar..
Lights SKy Diving, you caught me,
Believe the Bravery , doing time like pennies in a Jar
Jimmy, ” if Trump wants any lip from you <HE WILL scrape it OFF HIS ZIPPER” hahahahah,
one step at a time .
Reads the forum , clicking on threads ,,,aha hahahah i named my kid Butt hole
Bad Influence MR Pimms,
TONY Pantalersco . Herbal Master .
Herbalist shows you how to rid biofilm from your body using a shot of alcohol mixed with essential oils.

Don’t Play Me, Prince ‘I been to the Mountaintop ,and it ain’t what you say ,,” the FOREST… the Cuire,
Put Up Your Dukes lets get real Small..
legal cannabis , investigation the seeking and purchase of the magic green, l
the TRI state legal experience , break down , business ideas
Morphine ….Lets take a trip together
THE VELVET ROPE JANET J..adam rasied a cain. THE BOSS.
Portugal the Man coming out of Left field i am a rebel just for kicks lets kick it like it 1986 knock me over and out..
the endo of the world Trackdown , Trump Builds a wall.
THE Hate exp.. EYE hate You Prince
, OOOOOOOPs I did it again ,,,, B spears…
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