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AIRED: 05-19-2018

here’s Something In The Air
By Brandy Lou

Into The Microcosm catches up with some bands o and poses the question …..
“Is something coming in from the sky?”
Does Justin Timberlake’s video “Supplies” have something to reveal?
Jimmy goes through the video bit by bit and breaks down the suspected messages about doom and gloom. At the end of the video the camera zooms on a child. Saying “Die already. Wake up.”
Texan, Brandy makes observations about todays school shooting in Santa Fe Texas. The issue should not be politicized. This makes our children pawns in a political debate. Instead, the reason for the behavior should be examined. Young men these days are not getting the parenting, particularly fathering, and there is a lack of role-models.

Then our Irish storyteller Jimmy tells about his crazy day. No job, job, no job, all in three hours. We raise the question, does making positive change mean your life will be happy and perfect? Will your buttons get pushed and throw you back into old behavior patterns? Yes this can happen but one never knows what trials and backward steps can take you to the path that brings you joy and satisfaction.
Saturday is Ladies Night, and Lichtielass will be joining us as Brandy and Lichtie explore a variety of subjects including helping in the community, and the “Opiod” crisis. We will also be examining the backwards masking of the Justin Timberlake song “Supplies”.
See you in The Microcosm!

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