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AIRED: 08-27-2017

WE HAVE MOVED TO MIDNIGHT ON SATURDAY NIGHT ,, SINCE this is our first two hour live show…we do an elaborate sound check .NOTE : mature content and strong language ../ Alan Watt ……TIME,………………… Cheech and Chong ,Brap allgood, and George Carlin
‘Music , Josh Hienrichs ,Jim Carol band , Prince ,Marcus King Band and more .. We get into the Seven Hermetic Laws and I read from The Emerald Tablets of Thoth and the Kolbrin Bible … Sound Check 1,2…One love

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Crushing the counter culture .Who designed the chemical M,essiah Open wide and say my name Chales Manson Jailed for life almost dead is he or isnt he who knows the patsy lies in state so his true confession cant be seen or heard till he is dead and gone we will never know , Join...

AIRED: 11-19-2017

11/11 under the DOME “after you hear the next POP the funk will be within you” HIPOPERA ………………be humble … The pleasure SEEKER.. Happiness, Pleasure The Hacking o the american mind, ,7 hermetic laws and more ,Bukowski, the soul surfer Kendrick Lamar ,Black Bear MR>PROBZ.public enemy aluna george.youngbloods,black sabbath,india ire,isley bros. pulp fiction b. spe...

AIRED: 11-12-2017

I cant stop though i know i should , its a cry for help I need to you know stop …Saying… You Know , You Know ….. if you can count the number of times I say :”you know ” i will send you a Into the Microcosm HAT.. [email protected] Join me on a low...

AIRED: 11-05-2017

Thats not a Brain ,…It’s breakfast , Hour one Smokin Wax….Ocean Blvd. Tame impala,Mr Probz,Calvin Harris ,Bill Hicks, George Carlin Thin lLzzy Tom Petty ,DioJjudas Priest,,Pink, Inside man,Britney spears, Eminem, dnce, Tito and the Tarantulas ,P booker t and the mgs .Prince, hollywood shuffle. Hour 2 Its .all me , its just my opinion and...

AIRED: 10-29-2017

Head FULL of Mirrors…. …..part one .

AIRED: 10-22-2017

Parental Advisory ………EXPLICIT language………….EMAIL COMMENTS TO [email protected] JOIN ME … for rippin ride through the current mainstream promotions this week.. Wienstien , BRING IN VANILLA ICE , and i coagulate details about the upcoming NOV 4 ‘ PROTESTS ‘ PLANNED BY THE AMERICAN ANTIFA GROUP. Bill HICKS George Carlin,Cheech And Chong, Quentin Tarentino, ...

AIRED: 10-15-2017