AIRED: 08-21-2017

The shadow on the sun reveals the the sun rising in the west in a new dawn ,Join me with positive affirmations and set the one for the future…. ,not the one being rammed down our throats or the scare monger NWO , forget that..! create the future you want……. not the model your creative power has been tricked into creating…….special eclipse montage Clyde Lewis , g\Greatful Dead Dubkoncious and Billy Thorpe ,,,CHILDREN of the SUN …..awaken the power of creation ……..and create…..One Love ..NOTE I will be Moving to Satur\day Night……. Five Pacific ..I go Live this Saturday ..Hope to see you ONE LOVE JG

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11/11 under the DOME “after you hear the next POP the funk will be within you” HIPOPERA ………………be humble … The pleasure SEEKER.. Happiness, Pleasure The Hacking o the american mind, ,7 hermetic laws and more ,Bukowski, the soul surfer Kendrick Lamar ,Black Bear MR>PROBZ.public enemy aluna george.youngbloods,black sabbath,india ire,isley bros. pulp fiction b. spe...

AIRED: 11-12-2017

I cant stop though i know i should , its a cry for help I need to you know stop …Saying… You Know , You Know ….. if you can count the number of times I say :”you know ” i will send you a Into the Microcosm HAT.. [email protected] Join me on a low...

AIRED: 11-05-2017

Thats not a Brain ,…It’s breakfast , Hour one Smokin Wax….Ocean Blvd. Tame impala,Mr Probz,Calvin Harris ,Bill Hicks, George Carlin Thin lLzzy Tom Petty ,DioJjudas Priest,,Pink, Inside man,Britney spears, Eminem, dnce, Tito and the Tarantulas ,P booker t and the mgs .Prince, hollywood shuffle. Hour 2 Its .all me , its just my opinion and...

AIRED: 10-29-2017

Head FULL of Mirrors…. …..part one .

AIRED: 10-22-2017

Parental Advisory ………EXPLICIT language………….EMAIL COMMENTS TO [email protected] JOIN ME … for rippin ride through the current mainstream promotions this week.. Wienstien , BRING IN VANILLA ICE , and i coagulate details about the upcoming NOV 4 ‘ PROTESTS ‘ PLANNED BY THE AMERICAN ANTIFA GROUP. Bill HICKS George Carlin,Cheech And Chong, Quentin Tarentino, ...

AIRED: 10-15-2017

Join me as I rubber neck my way through the EVENTS of the past week.. LAS Vegas AND Special report .. How to brainwash a nation, ….. AND More Samantha Fish, Things to do in denver when your dead ,Brapallgood,Ford Fairlane, , Order a pizza in the future ,How to BRAIN WASH A NATION,Thin Lizzy...

AIRED: 10-08-2017